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So after a lot of thinking I'll leave this game tomorrow,for the past 1 year I was trying to fix my community so that's happening right now and I see the AR community will be great soon.
I knew a lot of good friends in mf but sadly It's finally the time to say goodbye forever.
Feel free to messaage me this day because It's the last day.
Good Luck to all ❤ .
ilusm by gnash. a good, sad song. reminds me of someone that used to be the only thing in my life that i lived for, loved and cared for, now i’ll never see this person again. Just know that i still care about you. I won’t say any names but this person should know who they are based on it being a year since we’ve talked.. well since i’ve begged you to not leave. oh well. sad thing isn’t it? we once loved each other and now..? That’s just life for you. 12/17/2018 to be exact. miss you. but time to move on.
i hope you’re living a great life by the way, how’s your kid? i hope she’s well. I also hope that you move on as well, i’m tired of you leaving and hurting me so that’s just ya know, the end. If you have moved on how is your current partner, tell them i said hi, that they better take care of you. how’s college? i’m leaving for college soon.. i’m nervous but it’s just like high school. right? i wish you were here..
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