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i'm so sad because Quicksand and Unburnable left they were so awesome to me and everyone.
sincerely, this makes the forum dead to me, i feel that everyone will leave forever, i can't support that anymore.
i like to see around the forum and see the old things that people did, they were happier than today.
and what made me sad the most, is that in the past, a simple drawing or even a sketch gained more likes before, i really lost an good era... i wish i was here 4-5 years ago.
but hey, i don't want to leave, no way! i want to live on this site because there are so many good people around here and some of them are very welcoming by the way. i miss so much the old days, i feel it was much better than now, no offense, i want to go back to the past to see so many good people who left in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.
so please don't be angry if in case i overdo the messages i send to you, sometimes i don't control myself in a conversation because i'm very happy talking to someone, that also fits why i follow people, it's a "way" to make them happy.

if Unburnable were here, i would thank him so much for everything, i feel so bad for staying with him for such a short time and also for not helping him with his depression, i think a lot of people left because of that.

sorry for the large text, but i just wanted to say how sad it is to lose great friends...
if you feel it too, feel free to talk to me, i will be very glad!​
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Hey dear! You can text me whenever you want to. I'm sorry you don't feel the same was as before, but you should you'll have me if you want to talk to someone. I'll always be there ❤
psst rio
just wanted to tell ya
im genderfluid and i sort of found my name too
im jay nice to meet u :]
also a small note: I’m not gonna draw anymore and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to it, I may only draw when I’d have to make gifts for my friends or whatever, but I won’t draw anything else, I give up on it. So yeah, just a note. . .
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