You're single Because?

I'm single because I don't plan on getting into a relationship and because I don't have any options at my school or outside my school (my school is quite full of homophobic people, and though I am not a lesbian I am bi which doesn't help)
Is so difficult to me, Because im bi... but everybody in my school think Im just Gay, They bully to me about that, so I don't tell anybody in real life I'm bi
If all the school think Im just Gay, girls Think dont have oportunity with me, Then My father is Homofobic
In my school Im so scare to have boyfriend because we will recibe more bullying than today...
I'm single because there's no point in online relationships. You're never going to meet the person unless you can actually work your ass off to afford it, and most people can't be arsed anyway. You also can't do what you want to do, I.e dates, online, so that's a difficult hurdle. You also don't actually know if that person is who they say they are unless they constantly send pictures, leading to doubts.
I'm also single irl because I look hideous. I'm not cute like most other girls: I have a fucking parrot beak for a nose and an eye that has an eyelid lower than the other. I'm not a heightened interest for anyone, and because of that I refuse to fall for anyone because I know I'll get let down. People fall for looks in life, not personality. My personality isn't much better, I suppose.
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