You're single Because?

Just state why you are single in real life, if you aren't, then ignore this aaaaa
I mean like all of my other friends and popular people are dating someone but i'm not because I don't want to date anyone and my crush would never like me back so oops
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I'm kinda tired of trying and it failing, I guess? So I'm just gonna sit on the sidelines of love for a while so I can sort things and myself, if possible, out LOL
i loved someone at school (keyword; loved)
turns out they didn't even like me.
i also used to love and date someone at school (keyword; used to)
turns out i think they were just feeding me lies.

people suck . everyone sucks!
but some people can be an exception, like my soulmate <3
anyways, but im still waiting for my special someone irl
i'm not the prettiest person, and my personality annoys most.

plus, i'm not the one who romanticizes "relationships".
i'm perfectly happy with friendships, and best friends.
but, of course, i'll always wait for my perfect someone.


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the reason to why i'm single is pretty clear.

homophobia is all around in my country, and if i want to find someone to be with me, i'd have to move to another country.
other than that, i don't have any interests in being with someone. mostly because people left me a ton just because of how i've looked, and since "being fat isn't pretty xd" is all around this country too, i wouldn't even be able to find someone who actually likes me for my appearence.


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I'm not really in love with anyone and I'm extremely dense when it comes to in real life love.
Just waiting for my special someone, but I wouldn't mind if i remained single for the rest of my life.
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