Your story of how you found Miceforce

Ugh, back in 2015 I played some other server and I was super popular for some reason. Like a lot of people were like "aaAAA its TIgER" and I actually have no idea why. Anyways I was too confused and just left and strayed to Miceforce in 2016 Feb. Hmm.
My friend wanted me to play tfm and I didn’t like it because you had to work for items and I was just way too lazy for that. So they mentioned others servers like it, and I stumbled upon mf.
Since 2014 I've played TFM and I really got bored of it, I forgot why. (I would come on TFM once or twice a month while I was bored). There were people talking about some other servers and they happened to mention MF, which I joined later that day, and met some of the most amazing people in this community. The end! :D
Before 2018 and maybe even 2017 I realized that micetf was suspended/down and i was sad about that bc i had a good friend on there.
I went on typing some new transformice ripoffs and miceforce got suggested, then found my friend later on which is now named sunniestcat.
And thats why i'm still here today.

Wanna hear proof?

Micetf: Amycatlove
Miceforce: Sunniestcat.​


EN ModSent & FunCorp
literally just because i was getting bored of all my current games so my friend recommended it to me. thought it was going to be one of those games that i'm really into for a week then totally forget it exists. i was familiar to the platform of the game so it wasn't anything special to me. turned out it was more than special.
it was like in 2015 or 2014 when i was younger and wanted to play every game my aunt played,, she played this game called transformice so i decided to play it and then someone asked me if i played miceforce and i said no whats that so here i am now
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