Your story of how you found Miceforce

Well... before I played Transformice with my friend. Some months ago my friend told me better game than Transformice. It's was Miceforce. She showed me this game. Before I don't wanted play Miceforce so much, but now i'm playing this game like every day! I'm so thankfull to my friend. :):coffee:
It happened a long time ago when I met Tfm and my best friend. I remember that I wrote "another tfm server", or the best friend of mine recommended it. I have been playing this game since 2015, but I had a break on another account, later I did not have time for the game and I had a broken computer then, I could not do it, I sold my account. In 2016, I accepted to make another account
The way I got here was by my friends over at TFM. I was invited to a tribe in TFM, and I liked to talk to the leaders (I think) of the group. They then told me to play with them at this game called Miceforce, and obviously, I accepted. So, I made the account "Iamsobootif" on MF and played with my friends. I made more accounts (one of them getting banned for a misunderstanding) and eventually made this one, Panaruge. That's pretty much how I got into this game!

And no, I don't remember who my friends were at TFM. I think I may have even left the tribe, haha.


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YouTube, lol.
I was looking for private servers that had the /repairshop command, and Miceforce was the only decent one. Found some old friends whilst at it
I was REALLY annoyed about all the high costs on transformice, etc. So I wanted to join another game, just like transformice. I began looking on YT. I found this c:
Jan 05 2018, Started at: 4:22 PM
I was playing Transformice, June 10th, in a Utility room with my friend; Olliethedogy. It was getting a tad boring so, she recommended for me to play Miceforce. I wasn't so sure, but I still said yes. I started and when I looked in the shop to get a new outfit, there was hundreds of cheese and strawberries. I closed the Transformice tab (since she already told me her username was; Olliethedog). I searched for her and added her, but couldn't talk. Next day I could talk and we chatted for awhile. I tried getting my other friends to join, ignored xD
I was playing on another TFM private server and played there for 1 year.
A lot of my friends quit and so the server was slowly dying.
While that was happening, a close friend of mine was already playing on another server which is Miceforce and that led me into playing here!
Then I found out in 2016 that all accounts were deleted (on the TFM private server I played on smfh). Rip stats lol.
I was really mad at my sister, and we were sharing a computer. I ran my hands across keys and her recent tabs showed up. What a coincidence that Mice Force showed up. Created an account, and here I am!
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