Write a letter you can't send


Dear x,
Why are you always so diappointed? I do everything for you. I show you respect even when you don't deserve it, I clean the house more than anyone else, I get better grades than anyone else, I'm always keeping you updated when I'm out, and I haven't been disloyal. What is so wrong with me? You take your daughter as your favorite but you forget you have us. We don't have a mother. Why do you treat us like strangers?


Well-Known Mouse
dear x,

you can suck on my imaginary co-


i know you look at me in class, i know you told them i was back, and i know you miss me.


wish i wasnt putting in all the effort to keep our friendship alive


EN Sentinel & Mapcrew
Map Crew
dear x,
i wonder if you still feel the same
or if you’re finally sick of me.
i’m not going to chase you
you’ll have to chase me to prove you still care.

dear y,
how dense can one truly be

dear z,
are my assumptions right?
is there actually a possibility that you.... hm.
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