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Dear xxx,

You seriously make my heart feel happy, a feeling I can't explain. You make me feel like I'm worth something and I'm so lucky to have you!


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dear ___,
lmao im glad i ignored your ass im not gonna do spanish homework for you all the time bruh
update: fuck i messaged him saying ill look into it​
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Dear Irl,
I'm sorry I didn't visit you with our friend when I was invited, I was too nervous to see you because you were sick.
I'm sorry at your last birthday party I didn't say really anything to you and didn't do anything other than give you the card.
I loved and cared for you deeply, and I knew you since we were in kindergarten, you were like a sister to me.
I'm sorry that we drifted apart, I still have your contact in my phone, just to remember you.
I love you and I miss you.​
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i literally have so many mf torture methods i would sell my soul to use on you lol
BYE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH you give me so much serotroeijtn you make me so happy i love you


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dear x and x,
this is why i don’t fucking help
because when i need you most
you’re never damn there.
i’m sitting here, waiting on end
it’s been 35 minutes
i’m not waiting a mf hour.
this is the EXACT reason why i don’t rely on help.
why i became distanced and independent.
should’ve never been a fool and trusted your “reliability”.


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i really wish we all didnt fall apart cus damn i rlly miss everyone. the happiest ive been was w u guys and now its all just gone. wanna go back so bad sosososo bad.


i wish u could jus accept me for me and let me start doing what i wnna do. i wnna experiment and start at a good age so i dont look like an idiot in the future lolol. stricties :/
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