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Dear xxx,

You seriously make my heart feel happy, a feeling I can't explain. You make me feel like I'm worth something and I'm so lucky to have you!


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dear ___,
lmao im glad i ignored your ass im not gonna do spanish homework for you all the time bruh
update: fuck i messaged him saying ill look into it​
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Dear Irl,
I'm sorry I didn't visit you with our friend when I was invited, I was too nervous to see you because you were sick.
I'm sorry at your last birthday party I didn't say really anything to you and didn't do anything other than give you the card.
I loved and cared for you deeply, and I knew you since we were in kindergarten, you were like a sister to me.
I'm sorry that we drifted apart, I still have your contact in my phone, just to remember you.
I love you and I miss you.​
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dear i,
sometimes i miss the good times between us. like i know we had a shitty relationship, but i just want those few minutes where i genuinely felt happy talking with you. id do anything for those times, none of the other bad stuff


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dear x and x,
this is why i don’t fucking help
because when i need you most
you’re never damn there.
i’m sitting here, waiting on end
it’s been 35 minutes
i’m not waiting a mf hour.
this is the EXACT reason why i don’t rely on help.
why i became distanced and independent.
should’ve never been a fool and trusted your “reliability”.


a, a, a,,a,a,a,a,a,a aa,a,aaa

i really wish we all didnt fall apart cus damn i rlly miss everyone. the happiest ive been was w u guys and now its all just gone. wanna go back so bad sosososo bad.


i wish u could jus accept me for me and let me start doing what i wnna do. i wnna experiment and start at a good age so i dont look like an idiot in the future lolol. stricties :/


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Dear _,
There's been lots of conflict this week, lots of arguments with others and high stress levels. Can't even describe it, but please, no matter what happens, please wait for me to get it sorted out.


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dear x,
if these feelings are true i’m more than screwed 🤡



you said you wanted to have what we had before which was an amazing friendship. im aware i was ignorant but you can't just act like it was all my fault. you were selfish about your feelings and werent understanding that i have to put my feelings and mental health before someone elses. you said to forget about the whole situation and thats fine but now youre not putting in any effort to gain what we used to have. i respond instantly wanting a friendship with you and youre just ignoring me or taking nearly a week to respond. i want new friends man :/


dear -

you mean absolutely nothing to me now, you never make me feel special anymore. im glad getting over you was easy, but you used to make it hard.
im so over helping you now, im over trying to be there when no one else will hold you, im tired of dropping everything i have to help you when you wont do the same back. our relationship is done for. i never felt safe with your friends, thats why i hated them. okay? or should i be like you say k to every time i text?

dear - (irl)

i really enjoy hanging out with you, i wish liked me back but you barely even look at me. you dont even text first. i want to be yours, i want to be the one to hold you forever but you like someone else. i wish i was that someone else, but whatever makes you happy. i hope you love her more than i could love you.


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dear x and x,
i’m slowly getting fed up
or just in general
i feel disrespected.
lol anyways. smh.
ig i jus gotta push through this month.
[irl + online]
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