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dear x,
this year has already come to a bad start and it just keeps getting worse... first "this" now "that". How much of this am I gonna have to deal with? I'm so tired of it man... not only that but people are starting to not care and just drift away, it's just becoming too much now and i honestly don' t even know what to do anymore lol this is why i always stay by myself since it seems to be the best for me at this point.


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Fashion Squad
m, irl
why can't you open your eyes and realize your child's life is gradually slipping away. why aren't you realizing that all i ever wanted was attention and care from you?


¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!

you make my heart flutter, like, a lot and it's scaring me
and someone said that it's "love", but it's such a scary thought, but seeing you with someone else makes me jealous. Maybe it is love?


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x //irl
i'll never forgive you nor your actions. you disgust me.

y //multiple people
i'm sorry if i was ever annoying and stuff like that. i really need a pause, but i'll come back as soon as i'm ready. you're my greatest friends and the only ones i can rely on. thank you.

z //multiple people
i wish i talked to you more


¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!

fuck it, I'm asking you out tonight. Get ready, bitch. bringing your favorite flowers so please don't make me cry


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dear R,
sometimes I do wonder if you miss me,
I miss you sometimes
it still sucks & im still hurt
I’m not sure why either
it was so long ago
sensitive over here
what sucks the most is that the person you needed me to be is the person I am now,
I needed you to hurt me to become this person
and it sucks
a lot
I hate being me

Dear X’s,
I miss you all so fucking much.
I miss home a lot,
England doesn’t have my friends in it,
and that sucks.
I miss C more than anyone, I hope she’s well.
I might ask her to FaceTime me sometime because I just miss her laugh
I don’t know why I moved​


¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!

I can't wait to listen to dwd drama CDs with you, and you to play with Eros & Maya while I fucking cry over your dumbass being cute as shit.
I wish I had the courage to send this but I don't wanna rush shit so FUUCK


dear z,
i really love you, i want to be with you always, like forever
please stay with me
i may not always be there but just know that i want you to be happy
i love you​


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x [irl]
i kept saying that you were toxic for me and it is true, but i realized that
i'm toxic for people too.
we complete each other and i won't feel the same with someone else. it's wrong.


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Map Crew
dear x,
sorry but, i cant handle this anymore lol i wish you were here right now... but ill wait


¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!
x, irl

i love spending time with you, but when i see that you have the body & hair i've ever wanted, it's making my heart just shatter in two.


still hurts me.


¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!

omg omg you are soooo dangerous, you are a teenager, you're dEfInIteLy sOoOoo dangerous, you could sOoO beat someone up haha yeah. shut the fuck up.
you aren't "bAd", you're fucking lame & embarrassing for anyone. sorry nobody told you before, but i will if you continue bothering me as if i give two full shits.
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how is it legal for someone to be that pretty?
i could stare at you forever.
i can’t believe i’ve overlooked you for so long. i remember rejecting you at least twice and you were still there for me when i was hurting. a few weeks ago i finally let you in and it was fucking magical. and i just remember thinking, no doubt i’m going to fall for this boy. fast.
i wasted too much time with the wrong person when i could’ve been with you.
what i love the most about you is that you’re real. you’re the realest person i know. and you’re not far away. you don’t want me just for my looks. your family LIKES ME? it’s crazy.
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