Write a letter you can't send


EN Sentinel & Funcorp
dear x,
how am I supposed to be
or act
i don't understand why I'm like this and feel the stupid way I do
It's so fucking demented
I just want some security and stability in my life right now
I don't think I'll get it for a while
I know that patience is key but I'm struggling to keep my head above water here aren't i
Or am I just dramatic, making stupid dramatisations and exaggerations
idk you tell me,,
oh wait u can't


Well-Known Mouse
dear irl
i really hate you. you're horrible.
you used her to just say that to ME?
i'm not even going to BOTHER talking to you anymore.
you know i'm insecure about my skin yet you said that. go to hell.


EN Sentinel
dear c,
why are you always whining if i dont respond, it makes me so annoyed with you.
you text me the most useless things ever that i dont even know what to tell you.


Honored RO Community Manager
dear, [irl]
you probably don't realize how much you mean to me, i have never made so many compromises for someone. i'd tolerate every dumb thing you make and i know that's not healthy for me, but i'm taking this risk


EN Sentinel & Funcorp
dear x,
im sorry i dived in headfirst, you have no idea and i wish i wasn't that way sometimes.

dear x2,
cool. sit there on your throne. enjoy it, because it wont last long 👑
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