Write a letter you can't send


Cheese Artist
Dear irl,
You are unbelievably narcissistic. You are the most selfish and annoying person I have ever met. Even my brother doesn't get on my nerves that fast, and that's saying a lot. I wouldn't even be surprised if you had pictures of yourself and your so called "muscles" hanging up on your walls in your room. Even my dog has more muscles than you do, so stop trying to show them off, because nobody sees anything. I don't know why I'm still friends with you. Seeing you ruins my day.


dear a group I'm in (the sour patch kids),
What if I never met you guys?
Would you guys be talking more or less?
Overall I probably would have no fun without ya'll.

Especially you snowy, you made me get obsessed with Q-Park
I wouldn't even know him... so I'm grateful.

What I'm saying is you all are different in ways I can't explain.
Without you all what would I... be watching?

Cough you all are so amazing and trustworthy, and extremely close.
You all are so kind and nice and amazing!~

Ilu all.
~ <3



dear m [irl],

if you don’t like me, please just say it and get it over with. i’m sick of being kicked to the curb like a pile of garbage. it seems like you don’t have any idea of how i’m feeling because of how i’m being neglected by you. yeah, sure, i get it, you have other ‘better’ friends now, but i thought i was one of your first ‘good’ friends. i’m sorry im not as relatable and popular as C, or as funny and pretty as A, but i’m still a person. i just want you to consider how i feel, but i don’t know how to get you to notice it since you get angry and annoyed so easily. am i not good enough for you anymore? i’m sorry if i’m not. don’t treat C or A like this when you get newer friends after them. Even they don’t deserve it, as much as I envy them.


Dear _ [DISC]
I need a break from social media. It's tiring and draining and it does nothing to help the "thoughts" I get. Not only that, but I'd like story writing to be my main focus, not checking my phone constantly just to see either nothing or people talking about things I'm clueless about.
Maybe when I come back--Monday, probably--I can send you what I've worked on. After all, the story's plot has taken a massive turn at this point.
I just want to get it done, y'know?
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