Write a letter you can't send

dear ,

im doubting it over my overthinking . maybe what you say is true , but maybe it just needs more time . i dont feel like im pretty enough i guess maybe im just a rebound ?


RO ModSent
Ok, so I'm stupid just because I defented my friend because you insulted her because she liked onions. Okay then. So now I'm the bad one? Okay, that's good too. I don't need your fake ass in my life. That's a lesson to never fucking trust most people. So I'll never trust you. Thank you for making me realize you and your friends are the most fake piece of craps. Now, don't ever talk to me again. Not even ''Hello''.


Well-Known Mouse
ive always lived by the rule of leave people before they leave you
and i never believe people when they say they wont leave me
but with you,

im too scared to leave.
Because if i do leave you ill have nothing to live for anymore
ive completely given up on everything else
and people are starting to notice
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