Write a letter you can't send


EN Sentinel
dear ,

why can't this just stop



i miss you :(


Retired EN Community Manager
x (irl)
it's not my fault i was succeeding and you weren't. apparently, you just couldn't accept the truth.


Dear M irl,
Okay I understand you don't like your family but you ACTUALLY have the guts to say that you want them dead shocks me. I may not like my family that much either but I don't wish death on them because that is way too fucking far. Your family raised you for almost 17 years and this is the way you treat them? I've met your mother and she's the sweetest mother I've ever met, yet you complain that she's too overprotective and too clingy, well I'm sorry that your mother CARES FOR YOUR SAFETY AND WANTS TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU. I wouldn't care if you were even in your 30s you should always love your parents because you wouldn't even be alive if they didn't exist and they won't be on Earth together and you'll be the one sobbing when they're on their deathbeds. Also, stop using them to get your way. I don't know your father well but I do know that he works at a plastic factory and gets hundreds of dollars a week, yet you think you can go around spending it all for fun. You also brag to your 'friends' that you live in a big, expensive house and that your parents got you an expensive car but honestly nobody really cares and nobody wants to be friends with someone like that unless they just want to use you for money LOL. I wish I never knew you existed and really hope the rumor of you 'moving to Los Angeles' thing is true because nobody will have to deal with your shit anymore. I feel terrible for your family, they don't need someone like you as their son. When I first moved here you were so nice to me but now I hate your guts, you may think I'm not 'good enough to hang out with you' now but I'm really glad I'm not since I don't want to be seen around a fucking dumbass like you. Clean up your act because your parents won't be around forever and you'll be crying on the side of the road asking for change or try stealing lunch money from elementary school children. I'll be surprised if you get married and your wife will put up with you but whatever no good luck to whatever you're doing in the future xoxo


dear , (irl)
i hate being related to you
punch me you fucking won’t. don’t act tough if you can’t land a punch on me.


dear ,

we got back together, but you wont change your status and you ignore me, you used to miss me and spam me and you did 11:11 and you actually wanted me around so wtf happened


I'm just bored.I'm just hanging out here and trying to find something to do.You say you aren't busy with me but you never send me anything except routine messages.Being the only side that continues to talk started to lead to different thoughts and sometimes when I put a message you say you have to go to me?Tell me,what's the problem?!I told you everything,trust you and guess you too.And I said okay she will not do it again but you left me an hour ago.


EN Sentinel
dear ,
times like this make me happy that im alive


Dear ,
My life has been up and down over the past month or so.
But I’ve grown to live in the moment, not in the past or future.
I just don’t care anymore?
Life is life and it’s here whether I want it or not so why not just ride it like a rollercoaster.
There’s going to be flips, bends, breakdowns and repairs but at the end of the day, you’ll have a good time, especially if you have the friends you want with you.
And I do.
I’m lucky enough to have people who care, who are interested in me and who want me to be happy.
This is the first time in my life that I’m comfortable with my social circle, IRL and online together.​


dear ,

im glad youre all happy
i guess not glad enough because
im still sad


Active Mouse
Dear _,
Fuck I can't get you off my mind because somehow you pop up in every subject I talk about, but we're over, and I'm over these feels, GO AWAYYYYyyyy


Dear x, (irl)
Stop dragging me into drama that has nothing to do with me.


EN Sentinel
dear ,

whenever this happens, i cant help but think i was the reason


EN Mod & FunCorp Director
i let you down
my bad.


Dear x,
I’m so pissed at you.
I’m so fucking mad.
To me, you’re so messed up.
In my eyes at least.​
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