Write a letter you can't send


dear ,
shits been rough for you but i really do stand by my word how i’m always here when you need me.
it’s going to be alright my darling


Little Mouse
dear _,
you left without a word,
wish u could tell me what happened between us.

i miss you x
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dear x,
my feelings are crushed all of a sudden. i feel selfish for love.. but is it the right way to feel when you don't seem to love me the way you used to?


I feel very bad but I don't want to tell anyone.This is hurting them.They are hurt when they can not solve my problems.They tell me what to do ...But that's not easy.Every day I listen to the hurtful words.These are not about the appearance.Different things..
I'm sorry, but I will not tell you my problems for the good of all of us.The problem isn't that you worry about me.The trouble is I'm hurting you like this.See you...


dear ,
stop thinking that you can fuck up my relationships and friendships. promise you karma is around the corner(‘:

dear ,
i’ll take the blame even when i fully know i never committed it.


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Dear _,
I don't want to make you anymore afraid than you already are, but I really want to tell you why and how much I need your care right now. I am so terribly ill. But again, I don't want to scare you, or scare you away.
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