Write a letter you can't send


Well-Known Mouse
Dear x,
I hate it when people break hearts.
Especially my friend's hearts.
Especially when it comes to x.
If I ever meet you I'll be more than happy to kill you,
or start a fight with you,
even if one of us ends up in jail.
Me, when i get heart broken it's fine.
Not to my friends though.
Especially x.​
dear f (irl),
why the fuck do you think its right to act like that? you always say youre hurt yet you dont listen to us like???? goddamn just drop the act
Dear little piece of shit __ ,
How could you fucking hook up with my crush, you stupid fake bestfriend?! I really hope you you 2 break up! When that'll happen I will hunt you down
and you will rot in my yard's dirt, bitch! :mf-6:
Dear X,
Why do you pretend? I found the photos you use on the internet. Stop lying. Making everyone feel bad for you. Why do people bother to believe you? I wish I could send the photos on the internet that you sent me. But im afraid id lose you. I'm not losing a 2nd person. If fear wasn't a thing, I'd show you the photos I found that you lied about.
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