Write a letter you can't send


Well-Known Mouse
dear _,
i hate the fact that i can't help you. i stopped saying those things because i cared, why can't you do the same for me?

dear i (irl)
i miss how close we used to be. come back to me.
Dear ,
I tried to stop myself falling for you but it backfired so hard,
I don’t think I’ve ever fallen for someone so hard before and honestly I get separation anxiety and stress.
I’m glad to be called yours.
You have literally taken over my life,
and I don’t want to change it for the world.​
dear ,

i want you to be an open book with me , tell me anything and everything you have to say . if i mess up , tell me so i don't have to do it again . if i do something that makes you smile , tell me so i can do it more often . i love you
I want to put your whole name out there so badly. How disgusting. A twenty year old man manipulating a fourteen year old girl into doing things you know she shouldn’t. You’re the most vile piece of shit to ever disgrace the earth. I feel so bad for your fiancé. I have half a right mind to email her saying how you’re a pedophile. But I won’t just in case you’ve changed. I doubt you have though. Rot in hell, pervert.
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