Write a letter you can't send


Dear ____,
I woke up today ready to confess. I've loved you for so long, and it's so hard keeping my feelings hidden. We live so close, yet I can't seem to open up to you. But it has been even harder to confess. You may not know it but you've hurt me more than anyone can possibly imagine. I've shed countless of tears for you, but why can't I stop thinking of you. You're always the first in my mind after I wake up and the first before I fall asleep. Why does my heart skip a beat when you message me? Why do I keep falling unrequitedly for you, even though my heart has been constantly shattered by you? Why can't I keep you? Why must you feel so down to the extent where I'm not ready to spam you and open up my feelings to you? I have too many questions and I know you won't be able to answer any of it.

I want you here, in the tribe room. I want to divorce my former soulmate so I can properly marry you. I would be completely fine with rejection after I confess. It'll make me forget you faster and make me move on in life. I wish saying "I love you so much" were easier. I want to convey my feelings to you in person, not online. And when I do say "I love you," I mean it.

Why must you be so perfect. Your personality is flawless, and that's what I like the most. I want to keep you and make you mine. No, make me yours. I love you so so so much.
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Dear L,

ily. i love how you act, i love how you talk, and you in general.
thank you for spending time with me!!


Dear A,
Please just, stop.
You're confusing me as hell. Do you love me?
Or was this all just fake?

Dear J,
Thank you for being here for me.
But really, please be truthful with me.


Dear _, (irl)

I did the first move, now the rest is yours. Just do it. I love you.


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dear c,
yes it's a big event
but i hate going and being with people, i really hate it
i wouldn't miss something as big as this
but i don't want to go


dear x, (irl)
just heal me with my sickness i'm tired of it. and please hang with me over the summer i'm already hurting from isolating myself from you and everyone else.

dear xx,
these songs remind me of us. i love it. stay with me for as long you can. i know i cause a lot of things and making you very worried but thank you for putting up with me. wish you can just come home and hear me fanboy over shawn mendes.


dear _
it was better before.
why do i have these thoughts
i wish you would comfort me.
im so fucking stupid.
sorry, just ignore me.


dear x, (irl)
ew why did you have to post _ on instagram. seriously you may not know but _ and i have ended ties with each other. and her bf _ you ask? nah fam he's a disgrace because honestly i could give two less penguins about them. they honestly mean nothing to me now and the only thing i've learned was that they're backstabbers.



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dear x,
i appreciate the help you've given me, and the lessons you've taught me
even if it wasn't for long, it was still a lot

i'll take advantage of it, and i'll try my very best to improve. thank you, again! i'm sorry i wasn't able to hold out, however.... but you've been an inspiration to me!


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Dear ,
I'm becoming distant from you because
You're not exciting to me anymore, you bring up bland conversations and I can't cope with that, if you ACTUALLY want to remain a close friendship talk to me more on things that I can reply to .


Dear x,
I forgive you, even after what you did... It still hurts i won't lie but i hope you have the best of lucks and be happy...
Why did you leave? Not saying even a goodbye... an excuse me...
I'm doing great overall, at the begining it was hard to get used to not having you by my side anymore... But then i met some incredible people, that helped me on getting over it, now i don't feel the pain you left on me that day but only a scar remains deep in my heart.
Take care...

(Sorry for the bad english...)


dear h,
please get on soon, we havent talked in a long time and im seriously missing you.
im not good with patience but i will wait this out as long as i have too, i just want that notification that you messaged me, im craving it so badly yet it will not happen for at least 5 hours.
i miss you, i love you, come back soon.
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