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  • Here you can write a letter that you cannot send, but you can let those feelings out.

    RULES - Breaking rules will earn you a forum warning.

    - All forum rules apply.
    - Do not rant about a group of members - even anonymously.
    - If you have a problem with a post in this topic, report it to staff. We don't need mini-modding.
    - You can't say any members name, only use the first letter of their name.
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    - Do not respond to any letters/posts.
    - Only write letters here. This is not a hang-out.

    Topic credit to the chickensmoothie board.

    Hi kids
    It has come to my attention that I now have the ability to ban people from replying to this thread, so if you feel like someone is breaking the topic rules, let me know.
    You have 2 chances, I will be keeping track.
    You can let me know by replying to one of my status', I will open up a conversation with you, and there, you can provide me with screen shots and a link to the topic page.
    Also, you don't need to reply to my recent status, I notice all of the status replies I get I just don't always respond. I'll like your message as soon as I see it and I'll open up a conversation.
    Please don't make another status message on my profile, I like to keep my profile clean. Your extra status message will be deleted, I will not like it, and I will not open a conversation.
    Boy, I am gonna have fun doing this.
    Breaking a rule twice - 4 day ban from posting here
    4 times - 7 days
    6 times - Perm ban until you appeal.
    Appealing but break 2 rules again - Double the punishment, 1 week ban
    Appealed but breaks 4 rules - 2 week ban
    And 6 times, perm ban. You will not be unbanned unless I choose to unban you. You may not appeal.
    You prove that you can handle posting on this topic, and that you vow not to break a rule again.
    Do not ask me how to prove it, you figure it out yourself. Asking how to prove yourself shows that your appeal is insincere and false, and I will reject it.
    You do this by talking to me. And no, appealing isn't kissing up and apologizing, it's what you make it, you don't need to apologize, you just need to prove you are mature enough to post here.
    I may be hard to convince, there's no getting around that; but the thing that matters here is that you took the time to explain yourself. If I feel as if you really do want to come back to this topic and you're not appealing just to come back here and get at someones throat, then I'll remove your restriction.

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¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!
Dear _,
I still miss you, though you're right there. I can reach out to you anytime. You are there for me, I know that, we can be awkward, but I love you, I miss you.
I'm a clingy person, you've pointed that out to me before, but I still miss you. I hope you see this when you get on, I hope you notice this.


dear x,
if you feel like that, just do it. its going to hurt more if you hold onto something that has no spark

dear _, (irl)
omg dude your video that you showed me that you did for Spanish was really funny. i'm really glad we met again in high school because we were elementary best friends. you're such a nice person. i look up to you because of how positive you are to friends and everyone.


ღI love you dearly and will always will. Even if you are gone, I will always love you
If I could give you one gift it would be for you to see and understand how much you mean to me and other people, even if we met eachother while on rabb.it in omegle from a cafe post, I still loe you even if we met in the wierdest way possible. The days when you were still here still mean so much to me. I love you, stay happy in that better place nowღ


Little Mouse
Dear ___ ,
You're in a better place now, aren't you?
I hope you're happy there.
I loved you very much.


Active Mouse
dear _,
I love you sosososo much, please dont ever go, you mean so much to me
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