Would You Rather [HARD]


Retired EN Staff
Welcome To Would You Rather
The game is simple, you have to ask two difficult questions and the person below
will try to answer. Then they will ask two difficult questions, and so on.
By the title, these questions are supposed to be hard to answer,
so don't make one option more better than the other.
Refrain from using inappropriate questions.
Be creative with your questions!
Don't act smart about a question. If you know what the
person means, than answer it that way.
Person 1: Would you rather do _ or do _?
Person 2: I think I'd do _. Would you rather go to _or _?
Person 3: I'd like to go to _ definitely! Would you rather (so on).

I'll start.
Would you rather wear wet clothing (socks, shoes, pants, etc.) for the rest of your life or have no internet for the rest of your life?


Retired EN Staff
I would rather wear wet clothing
would you rather have toes for hands or hands for toes?


Hands for toes.
Would you rather love someone or have someone love you?
(first option is love someone but they don't love you back. Second is someone loves you but you don't love them)


Retired EN Staff
Have someone love me

Would you rather;
be smart and ugly, or dumb and pretty?


EN Sentinel, MapCrew Dir. FunCorp & Fashion Squad
Map Crew
Fashion Squad
Be smart and ugly

Would you rather lose the ability to lie or believe everything you’re told?


lose the ability to lie

would you rather explore an abandoned building/area or explore in a haunted building/area?


Well-Known Mouse
haunted building/area

would you rather have six eyes or four rows of teeth


Well-Known Mouse
Four rows of teeth

Would u rather lose all your money or lose all your pictures?
Lose all my money

Would you rather lose the ability to read, or lose the ability to speak?


EN Sentinel, MapCrew Dir. FunCorp & Fashion Squad
Map Crew
Fashion Squad

Would you rather go back to the past and meet your loved ones who passed away or go to the future to meet your children or grandchildren to be?


Retired EN Staff
Go back

Would you rather:
Be hurt by a loved one or hurt a loved one?


Hurt a loved one

Kill ur mom to save the world or kill ur bestfriend to save the world
kill my best friend
i don't even have a best friend. Would you rather drive 500 Mlles with a bike without a seat or drive 1000 on a bike with a seat


Little Mouse
Drive 1000 on a bike with a seat.

Would you rather bleed to death or suffocate to death.


bleed aa

have your entire personality and memory wiped or, have your best friend have their personality and memory wiped


EN Sentinel & Mapcrew
Map Crew
swim in sewer water; time to learn how to swim

would you rather lose the abilities to see, taste, and touch, or hear, speak, and walk (can still move from waistline up)


Retired RO Staff
see, taste and touch because im half blind anyways 🤪

would you rather eat the food you hate the most for your entire life or never see the person you love the most your entire life?


Retired EN Staff
eat the food I hate
would you rather sacrifice everything for someone you don't know (that's struggling in some way) or be greedy and possibly have bad karma
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