When did you start Miceforce?


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My first account was July 2015, made another account a month later, then in October 2015 I made the account called Staw which I just changed the user for today (It's this account) Sorry if that was confusing lol


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I started playing the mouse servers when I was like 10, I joined miceforce when I was 13 (June 16th, 2016), I'm 15 now, and for some strange reason I am still here but I don't regret it that much cuz I have so many amazing friends, they kept me alive through extreeeeeemeeeeeeelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hard times in my life, how could I ever repay them.. Cuz like, I don't wanna just ditch them, and for no good reason cuz I literally have nothing to do every waking moment of my day. So I come on and just chill in my tribe house and do nothing for hours
My very first account was made in November 2015 but it was banned because the name was inappropriate. My second/current account, Ventus (now Glow), was made around the same time.


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December 13th 2014
My first account was “Lupisvulpes” and it was made a week or so before this one so I am not sure about the exact registration date


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Can't remember the specific date, but it was around the beginning of the year of 2017. I kinda lost the account for a while and forgot the user aha.
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