What's your worst injury


Little Mouse

Basically, what's the worst injury that you've ever had?
Simple as that.

I think when I was around 10yrs, during Christmas my mom got me a science kit since I oh so very much love science,
and what you did with it was-- You added chemicals to water and it said it'd grow "Crystals", so after I finished pouring the chemicals in, I think I accidentaly dipped my finger in the water and rubbed it into my eye (Very painful--), resulting in me basically crying some rocks and having small bits of "Crystal" in my eyes. for a month.


broken wrist from sledding


uhh breaking my right arm twice and my left once all in a row when i was 5 yeowch
also crashing into a tree full body while skiing when i was 7


My worst injury occurred in year 5 - I was probably around 9 or 10 years old?
What happened was that I decided to chase someone when I tripped upon the steps which were in front of the door (this was outside, it's slightly hard to explain), then I tripped and hit a part of my left foot...

I was crying so much omg---and it kept hurting throughout the day, I decided to ask someone in my class about it and they suggested that I go to get an ice pack, but what I should've done was went to the office.
It had still hurt, so I told my dad about it and we went to the hospital, I HAD TO WAIT SO LONG THERE :( To be honest, it's not a surprise anymore as I've noticed
Eventually, I got the result and it turned out that I chipped a part of the bone on the left side of my left foot (sorry for repetition) which was why I was limping; I got a cast and crutches, so yeah

This lasted for about nearly a month, I was still wearing the cast when it was my birthday but the class seemed to take notice of it and tried to help me out, I guess... I don't really think they'd help out if I wasn't injured though, at the time I was too sensitive and that really bugged everyone :/

Thankfully, It has been 5 years from the incident and I haven't had any serious injuries like that at all
I'm still clumsy, it could happen any time though--- T_T I'm bumping into all kinds of corners and I fell from a set-up table (ow) onto my bottom on work experience too, which was recent ;;


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I fell off my scooter going up a curb and I got a scrape right under my eye and a large scrape on my knee. I still have the markings in both spots and my one eye will always look more tired than the other (dark circles)


When I was jumping on the trampoline and then I felt something snap on my left ankle. It wasn't broken it was just sprained, but it hurt so bad! It stopped hurting about 2 days later, it also happened last month.


When I was about 9, I sprained my ankle enough that it now has no pain? I don't know how, but I can no longer feel pain directly in my ankle - and I can move that ankle more than the other.


I twisted my ankle when doing the gangnam style dance
sounds fake but it happens


Little Mouse
one time i was with my cousins who live on the other side of europe (I live in the balkan region they live in the UK) and we were doing a blindfolded race and i tripped onto a pile of metal and ended up getting stitches on my head
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When I was 11, I currently lived in Canada at that time since my mother had some business going on there. My friends from 4th grade were mostly foreigners and came from Canada, so we played along together each and everyday. And there was one day that it was raining, my friends decided that we should go to that lake near one of my friend's house. We went to the lake and I noticed there were rusty metals which were standing - though it wasn't too long nor high. We were splashing around the mud until I slipped. Now, there was one small, rusty, pointy metal that pierced my right leg and let me tell you, that was painful as fuck. I was rushed to a doctor's house which and where I got treated.

The scar from the metal still lays on my right leg which I'm terrified of.

I never went back to Canada ever again.


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I was sat on the back of my sofa and was hanging off the back whilst still grabbing onto it. My hands slipped and I fell back, and hit my head on my marble mantlepiece. Had to get stitches.


Falling down the basement steps onto concrete and passing out. I still have scars on the back of my legs. It happened about 2 months ago.
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