what's your sexuality and when did you discover that?

I’m bisexual, this was around 6-7th grade. Those boy bands like 5SOS and 1D started blowing up and I found them really attractive. I have dated one guy in 7th grade, but it wasn’t worth it.
I used to be bisexual because I dated 2 girls in the past and I discovered it back in 5th grade.
But now I'm straight because I realized that I'm much more attracted to males rather than females, but honestly, I'm not sure if I'm still bisexual or not but then I'm more on leaning towards that I'm straight.
gray-ace and biromantic. ♡
i used to be heterosexual until i was 11/12, but suddenly i thought i was bisexual...
but i've never thought of sexual relationship so that's why i'm gray-ace - i just rather romantic relationships.
b o y s … … boys……. boys…. boys… Boys.. Boys. BOYS. BOYS! BOYS!!!! BOYS!!!!!! BOYS!!!!!! BOYS!!!!!!!!!! BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!☆☆☆BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!☆☆☆ !!!!☆☆B☆O☆Y☆S☆☆!!!! ☆☆B☆O☆Y☆S☆B☆O☆Y☆S☆B☆O☆Y☆S☆☆


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i thought i was demisexual from march 6 to like


a few weeks ago

i thought i was demisexual because since many people were allosexual i thought hm im probably a little bit allo

but no

im asexual
Honestly got no clue anymore
Legit just no clue
I thought I was bi, turns out I'm not just into guys and girls
I thought I was les because I thought dating girls was more comfortable, but nah dating guys and other genders is also coolio

I think I might be a pansexual crossed with a small bit of asexuality? I rarely ever think of things in a sexual way, I just joke about things like that, and I'm not really caring about genders either - so????
I went by bisexual in 2014
Then pansexual in 2016
But I've always been asexual and I find it more fit for me (by always I mean 1st-3rd grade)
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