what's your sexuality and when did you discover that?

I’m honestly between straight and bisexual
I always fall for the outcasts, it’s very rare you’ll ever see me w anyone “popular” but it’s rarely a female.

I didn’t really ever “find out”?
I’m lesbian and I’ve basically been my entire life but I couldn’t put a word for it but found that out at the age of 12
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I'm bisexual, I found that out at the age of 10.
I've taken a like in a girl AND a boy and I didn't really know why, since I was a kid and I thought that liking the same gender wasn't right [I don't have problems with lesbians/gays, by the way!], so I decided to ask my brother because my mom would've yelled at me, so he told me that I might be bisexual because I had a crush on both sexes. I was confused on what it means, so he explained to me, and since then I've been the same and I didn't care about people judging my sexuality.


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Dated much more guys than girls, only dated a girl once,, LOL
As of right now I could only see myself marrying/continuing to have relationships with a guy


I’m bi! I found out when I left my judgy catholic school and immediately started crushing on a female classmate on my first day of school
I'm probably ase, I found it out when I had my first kiss and cuddling with my boyfriend lmao, I didn't felt any excitation
but I'm falling in love
sorry for my english
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I am Bi
I first discovered it in Grade 4/5 when I met a girl named Apryl
and I started crushing on her a little bit for her cuteness and personality
Meanwhile I had also liked a boy
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