What's Your Favourite Game, And What Character Would You Like To Be From It?

Here You can write what's Your Fav Game and who You would like to be if You would be a character from Your Fav Game.(You don't have to pick if You don't wan't to)
I start: My Fav Game is Five Nights At Freddy's
I don't pick any character.


the danganronpa series
i don't think i fit to be any of the characters
but if i had to pick i'd say kirigiri or asahina​


Active Mouse
it's silly but I quite like animal jam
not the community just
it's cute
i'd be my giraffe with a squid on its head
animal jam was my favorite childhood game , i dont play it at all now and i hate the community but i think being the snow leopard would be really cute

or animal crossing,
id be tangy, punchy, or goldie
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