What would you rate your best friend on a scale of 1-10? and why?


Cheese Artist
who wouldn’t rate their bestfriend a 10...

@Xea is out of this world??❤️
my bestfriend’s a infinity/10 sorry she outsells all the scales bc she’s so perfect and amazing and i love this girl honest to god she’s everything to me,,, NUMBA CANNOT RELATE!,, cause i love her more okay always yes
she’s ok she doesn’t take everything too light.
very overprotective of me whenever someone tries to hit on me. HAHAHA. 8/10. love her to pieces


Active Mouse
10/10 best friend, and I don't say this out of flattery.

They helped me through the toughest times and been there to listen and give feedback to my rants, jokes, questions, and concern.
I wish I can repay them so much for helping me. I hope they know I'm grateful to have them in my life.

Thank you, you and others are the wind beneath my wings.
60/10, because she's always there for me when I need her, she doesn't judge, she laughs at the Things that I laugh at even though she doesn't understand English, we like to help eachother, we like to talk to eachother, and we also hug eachother. :)

I'm not a Lesbian, I swear.
379473739273/10 because she is the best person alive and I love her and she makes me so happy and she makes me laugh and smile and wow i don't know what id do without her
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