What was the best memory you've had on Miceforce?


¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!
probably when i would be on the cafe until 2 in the morning
(when i used to be into the cafe, anyway)
When I met Yoochiria, Introverted and Sitora and we used to hang out all the time, then Introverted, Yoochiria and I had our accounts (I was on another one) and we pretended we were some characters from MM


Active Mouse
When i met @Rvi she was a perfect friend for me
it was super weird when we met each other
(lets say that we try to kill each other while meeting each other)


When.. I roleplayed with my soulmate. And when I got a terrible rapist soulmate. Now I have a good and normal soulmate.
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