What makes your best friend your best friend?


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They can understand my humor, they're the mom of the group, they can be responsible and funny, and they're easy to talk to.


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The fact that he is one stubborn twisted scrub wearing a flip flops in the middle of the winter.


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He lives next door, we go same classes and our parents are close so I can't get rid of him. That makes him my best friend. jk I love him


My life would honestly be a lot different. They make me feel happy, loved, ect. I can't think about never meeting them, I love them so damn much. I'd never be able to explain how much cause i'm bad at explaining but they mean the absolute world to me and I am so thankful I even met them in the first place. I'll protect my babies at all costs.


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I mean
I don't have a best friend
but this is what would make my best friend
my best friend
- doesn't care if I "sin" because I had this rfriend I used to call my best friend and she has/d different opinions on our religion than I do
this is what I mean by opinions
friend: oh music is a sin why do you even like this
me: music isn't a sin and I like it because it sounds nice
(and two days l8r I see her clapping with her dumbass cousins n' bellydancing to some demi lovato crap)
like for god's sake just think of me as a non-religious friend and you wouldn't give a frick about me listening to music I have opinions you have yours and me... I don't care abt yours

- isn't homophobic
I came out to one of my really old fantage friends (fantage is somereallyoldgamethatshutdownawhileago) and she's like some really big christian and she's one of those christians that think gay is a sin
me: hey I'm asexual
friend: omg stop homosexuality is really bad for you
me: I didn't say I was homosexual
friend: asexual homosexual same thing!! stop it
*chuckles* good times

- isn't human

birds are my best friends.


and that my friends is what would make my best friend my best friend


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um okay this is irl

my first best friends would be this one guy and this one girl. they have been with me my whole lives. even if i don't really communicate with Girl, we're still really good friends. Guy is so idiotic, but i appreciate him so much. at one point, i had a crush on him and he doesn't know that lol. um, he's hilarious and nice. he's such a close friend and idk what else to say about him. he's just a really good friend <3

uhh so, we've only know each other for like a year before he moved but hes awesome. we always hung out when my other guy friend didn't. honestly, he's such a sweetie and cutie. i really miss him. hes so smart and nice. u h i'd go on but i don't feel like crying bc i still like him it hurts ):

okaayyyyy so um it's another guy bc literally all my friends are guys ?? so we were just classmates, but he's honestly super nice and ug h cute? um i honestly don't know what i'm saying, but he's smart and playful. he never fails to make me smile, even when im dYING INSIDE. he's seen me cry a couple times, but he understands me in some way. and uh, i had a crush on him but i don't anymore lmao

i have so many best friends but it'd be too long ;; and besides, most of them r guys omg


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I can count on them no matter what, they understand me very well, they're always here for me💕


Everyone is gone and she was here.I had my best friends but I have only one best friend right now.She told me a swearing that I did not deserve without any reason and a lot of words I do not deserve.What did my best friends do?They were silent.Why?!Because they are her best friends.Wow...They were not with me.Tell me, is this best friendship?
They told me they would not take sides.They told me I was troublemaker.Silent means choosing a side.They did ignore her words.That means being with her.They are trying to be my best friend again but they are doing the same again.I've done this before and I did ignore it but this last thing they do is not something to ignore.This isn't the best friendship.I only have one best friend I have with me.She always supported me.She's never been a fake friend.


they are like my family and i love them.
we can go to being weird to serious any time & care for each other a lot.


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everyone's on here talking about their mf friends when i don't know anybody on here lmao ;-;

well... I met my best friend in kindergarten, and we've been friends for a very long time. She and I have the same terrible sense of humor, so we get along really well. She's also super nice and i can vent and rant, and she's always there to listen to her.
I love her so much she's so great


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He is friendly, kind, honest and always make me blush with all the beautiful words that he always says to me.


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they are amazing, nice to talk to, we trust each other, im able to rant to her, shes one of my closest friends even though i dont know her irl i also love her voice
(ash <3)


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Azull @Azull His follies, His attentions, His way of being. In truth, I love her.
Rhynex @Rhynex He is my best friend, I love his way of being, I adore him too much.
B @Bayoneta I met her recently, but her personality, I loved it. I had never met a person so emotionally strong.
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