What is the most risky thing your have ever done?

Tell the riskiest thing you've ever done before.

when I was 12 i decided to do a back flip off of my friend's
trampoline and it didn't have a net so i fell in some rocks, sticks, sand, and leaves​
I swore at a boy and his friends for being annoying. Extremely loud. I was super lucky to not get in trouble with the principal (who was around the area I was)


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but in reality probably running across the tracks while a train was on its way down
in my defense, i didn't feel like waiting
Probably almost breaking my Ripcage by falling behind the Sofa when I was like 4 or 5.

Edit: Same Thing happened with me on my old Bike. I fell on my Chest, and then it hurt for like a Week or so. It was eternal Pain for me.
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