What Do you usually do When Your Bored At School?

For Me ...

  • Play Games In My Phone
  • Reading Books
  • Write LucifursxViachan (omgomgomg Ik )
  • Thinking About Him <3
  • Checking This Forum is my bby is online ofc
  • Sleep
  • Sketching Cute Little Chibi's
hOW abOUT yOu? :)
I don't usually get bored in school.
I always study, regardless if I need to or not.
I read books constantly.
I write to improve writing, despite it already being considered good.
I don't do many things.



EN Sentinel
fold origami with my post it notes when the teachers not looking
doodle cartoon strips or anime/ use ink pen to draw and ink some chibi characters
daydream about a lot of stuff
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