What are your favourite memories?


E X P L A N A T I O N !
Could be any! Could be with your family, your friends - or even with your tribe and online boyfriend/girlfriend! Just share them here, and if it's someone who plays this, go ahead and tag them to let them know that whatever you did was your favourite memory. If you have more than one, share away with them, too!

R U L E S !
- Try to stick to happy memories.

- Obey the forum rules and guidelines.
- No to drama!
- If the memory/ies are painful for you, don't share them. I don't want people to be hurt. :(

M Y - F A V O U R I T E - M E M O R I E S!
Mine are usually with my mother before she passed away. She took me out to McDonald's and then to the Cinema to see a film, can't remember which. She also get me this cool art set which I still have now.
Yet this one is from my old Spoons family - I remember this little gathering being held thanks to @Coolkids for me, since I was often down for no reason and that I had an amazing time there even WITH my negativity. Vent played a song, a really sweet one, and all of the attended had something lovely to say about me. I'll never forget that kindness.. Thank you, Spoons! ❤

Your turn!
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i guess when me and my aunt played barbie dolls together when we were younger. she kind of grew out of that stuff and now she's a teen
i really miss that
we used to be best friends


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I had a terrible fever. I was out of school and I just slept all day.. I couldn't do anything, but it's still one of my favourite memories because that time I felt like I was important and loved, because my parents were really worried about me.


it was like the afternoon and the sky was really pretty and I was at my best friends apartment with my other good friend and just finished smoking and we were high as fuck and we just sat in a parking lot laughing to each other drinking Arizona tea and talking about life and I burned my arm when she passed me the blunt and instead of feeling pain we all just laughed
I was really happy?? I don't know why but I love that memory


my first favorite memory is when i met @Messageman, we bonded over tøp and clicked immediately. from the moment they whispered me i knew i wanted them to be my best friend.

my second favorite memory was when @Duckk first tried talking to me, he sent me the fitnessgram pacer test script. i called him a "sin" and he called me "shedevil," since then we've been really close and i'm very grateful.

my third favorite memory is with spoons.
i remember joining spoons, everyone was so accepting and nice. i met so many amazing people and to this day i'm still friends with some of them. the tribe chat would be lit all the time, we'd have so much fun joking around and messing with one another. i remember becoming a moderator and getting so much support. it's all thanks to spoons that i met the people i'm friends with today.


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When my crush asked me to the dance. I really thought nobody would take me since I was rather weird to them, so I was surprised when he offered it.

My other favorite memory has to be when I got a Wii for Christmas. That was from one of my brothers who only saw me as an infant. This was also the first game console that started to make me love video games, and the Wii games also brought my family together as well.
I'll cherish that console for as I long as I live.
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