Weird things you found/find in your files


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nothing explicit, inappropriate, or etc
basically the regular forum rules!
also, a tip; if the image is too big, please put it in a spoiler so it doesn't take up half of the page or lag other people!
you can also include weird names you found in your files, as well! (as long as it's following the rules)
you may explain why you have that certain thing if you want to!
so uh long story short i was editing some frogs on a picture because i was going to make some frogdad or frog-like video for a person but i never did end up doing it and i probably never will!


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Person stole my phone and turned it into the lost and found. Later I found some of these

I found a bunch of nos hyena pics on my phone. Not saying i dislike him -cuz he's good looking- but it was just random


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i was browsing through my files yesterday trying to clear useless and unwanted stuff
and stumbled upon a file named "godsavethequeen" with too many to count pictures of
queen elizabeth. im haunted by it


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In my defense on why I would had this...
I wanted to lighten my friend's day with this LOL.



I don't know what was wrong with my past self before
I had a weird obsession probably 2 years ago with shia la beouf

I found this recently-

I forgot I had this
I was too hyper when I took this


farosh2.jpgCause I like Farosh and I was planning to put him as my pfp but I have this as my pfp cause I just like it
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