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the more birds/certain birds you get, you can get different or some titles or different varieties of furs. Titles can be things such as different breeds of birds of paradise, and it can also be the plant

Titles: «King-Of-Saxony» «Western Parotia» «Victoria's Riflebird» «Twelve-Wired» «Bird of Paradise» etc.


a food market map where mice collect varieties of foods that range from cheese to strawberries (with other foods of course) and the more food you get the more cheese you gather OR you can get more titles such as :

Foodie» «Junk Food» «In n’ Out» «Cup Ramen» etc.


mice go to outer space and collect moon dust or varieties of rocks/substances from different map planets.

Some titles you can earn/buy can be: «
moon dust» «SoLaR fLaRe» «Freddie Mercury» etc.


during these rounds, the mice in the room either get sent to heaven or hell. You can either collect angel wings or devil horns.

Titles : «
heavenly» «white winged» «sneaky demon» «Demons» etc.


catch bugs and give them to the person that sells titles for bugs in exchange. The map can be a jungle, a wildlife reserve, or even a camping ground

Titles : «
Bug Catcher» «Zoologist» «Beetlejuice» «Lady Bug» etc.


catch Pokémon in Pokémon region based maps! The more Pokémon you collect, the more titles you can get OR you can transfer a certain amount for a legendary Pokémon. With legendaries, you can get better based Pokémon titles.

Titles for non legendary collected Pokémon : «
Pikachu» «Eevee» «Starter Pokémon» «Pokémon Trainer» «I Choose You!» «Squirtle» «Charmander» «Bulbasaur» «Gym Leader» etc.

Titles for people willing to give legendary Pokémon : «Pokémon Champion» «
Arceus» «Z-Ring» «Mega Evolutions» «Evolution» «Legendary» «Zacian» «Zamazenta» etc.


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Where will you post your suggestions?
Please answer, i want to create a fur! ^^


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Doge event!
You are a young Shiba Inu. Your goal is to collect as much dog food as you can before the time runs out! with dog food, you can find an NPC located on the bottom left corner of the map wearing the Doge Event fur. you can buy 4 titles from the NPC that will be named Doah.
Title 1: <<
DoGe!>> Cost: 25 Dog food. Title 2: <<DoGgO!>> Cost: 42 Dog food. Title 3: <<Bork!>> Cost: 100 Dog food. Title 4: <<MUCH WOW!>> Cost: 200 Dog food.

Fur obtainability is through a task, Task: Collect 100 Dog food.

Dog food pellets look like this.
Doge Event fur:40076 Obtainable by a task in the Doge Event. Task will be to collect 100 Dog Food Pellets.

(extra fur):40074 Obtainable by buying it with 2500 cheese/200 fraises.

It is up to the Art Team's decision to make the map, as i don't have any ideas except for food bowls and Doah the NPC.
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