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Okay! I know, dragon event it was but i got new idea!!! And i got new things to shop!
Okay! So i want to show you my other furs what i made!
View attachment 29535its a monster fur :3
View attachment 29536
its a bambee fur!
View attachment 29537caffe latte fur
View attachment 29538yellow-black fur
View attachment 29540apple jack (?) fur-color
And thing to shop
Soulzone @Soulzone see this! x)
I like them all they're beautiful


Well-Known Mouse
Vacation event

Description: It is a nice day outside, cool breeze, aqua blue water, and of course, lots of fun!
Nothing could ruin it, or could it? Sadly, there’s been some missing cheese in your getaway location,
and without cheese, you’ll starve! Thankfully also, there are all the ingredients to make cheese!
Gather all the ingredients and give it to Baker mouse and you’ll have the best trip!

Titles: Finder - Gather all ingredients
Helper mouse - Get 2 cheese made
Brilliant Baker - 20 cheese made
Grilled - 60 cheese made
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