Username origins?

just a ink robot (knife claw) + mouse = knifeclaw
this is ange's creepypasta story was talking about a child watchs fandroid and start liking. but in this time he see whats wrong with fandroid music. thren he sleeeps, and knife claw wus here to kill child, but de child runs and deaddd. aldoddood , now he stalks on the wndow0 *incoming evil and creeepi sounds* dE END :)
so this is my oc
now this is evolution:
march 2017 - pilot oc
early march 2017 - turning hair into green, shirt into orange, and added shorts, obito glasses removed.
christmas 2017 - turning hair into pink
1 year later:
2018 - name jupi changed to lasuka: hair turned into black, dress and pants turning into magenta-red (dress) (with quote call me beauty ful) and dark gray (pants).
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Okay, so, I really liked this animator named Pastarru, but, someone had already taken it, I improvised and added an extra U. However, I'm hoping to change my name to Calamari soon!
Hahahahaha... very funny Story, actually...
So basically I couldn't log into my other Account "Flurr", and "Flurrydurr" on the Forum. It kept saying that the Password was invalid, yet I literally tried everything to log back into my Account, and nothing worked. I made a new one, and wanted to come up with a cool Name that started with "W", so then the first Word that came up was "Weest", "Weast" or "Weaster (can't remember). I typed it out, and then I just experimented with the Username, and I wanted to add an "a" in there, so that's where "Weast" came from. "Er" came after it, for some Reason. I wanted to add an "i" at the End, and because there was no Space left, I decided to shorten it a little. So that's where "Naldi" came from. Then, "Weasternaldi" was what I got. I left it that Way, and I now use this Account. :D

Edit: I misspelled my own Name. CRIES IN A CORNER
My Old User Was Multirainbow - I found that name out because I love colour and so I named my self "DoubleColour"

But people mostly call me Multi now.. So I changed my user

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