Unpopular Opinions?

easy to explain, just state an unpopular opinion.
i think pineapples on pizza is NO GOOD
i don't like star wars, i just find it boring but over hyped.
forum rules apply please no arguing


Cheese Artist
I don't really like Selena Gomez's new music, or her in general , but I like her old music .

I don't like starbucks? At all .

I don't like Drake oops, I did before but his new music is ehh .
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i don't like kpop / BTS / whatever that music is

I think sushi is good

I think the whole "pastel kawaii cute princess tumblr glitter shit uwu " aesthetic is over used and annoying now


I don't like any of the American music today except for a few. In my opinion most of it is complete shit.

Even though I am a KPOP fan, I think BTS is super overrated. I like it but it's just way too popular and overly mentioned in my opinion.
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