Titles of Miceforce




Little Mouse Gather 0 cheese
Greedy Mouse Gather 15 cheese
Here ! Cheese ! Gather 60 cheese
Yeeeeah Cheese ^^ Gather 300 cheese
Cheeeeeese - Gather 600 cheese
Activist Mouse Gather 900 cheese
Unionized Mouse Gather 1200 cheese
Mouse on Strike Gather 1500 cheese
Glutton Mouse Gather 1800 cheese
Gleany Gather 2100 cheese
Plumpy Mouse Gather 2400 cheese
Paunchy Mouse Gather 3600 cheese
Chubby Mouse Gather 3,000 cheese
Fluffy Mouse Gather 3,300 cheese
Tubby Mouse Gather 3,600 cheese
The Chubby Gather 3,900 cheese
The Puffy Gather 4,200 cheese
The Cheese Initiated Gather 4,500 cheese
The Cheese Adept Gather 4,800 cheese
The Cheese Priest Gather 5,100 cheese
The Reaper Gather 5,400 cheese
Cheese Finder Gather 6,000 cheese
Cheese Knight Gather 6,900 cheese
Cheesegrubber Gather 8,100 cheese
Fatty Gather 9,600 cheese
Stout Mouse Gather 11,400 cheese
Cheese Lover Gather 13,800 cheese
Camembert Gather 18,000 cheese
Pont-L'Évêque Gather 21,000 cheese
Cheese Catcher Gather 24,000 cheese
It's Over 9000 Gather 27,003 cheese
Collector Gather 30,000 cheese
Cheeseleader Gather 42,000 cheese
Cheese Thief Gather 54,000 cheese
Cheese Creator Gather 66,000 cheese
Cheese Pizza Gather 78,000 cheese
Cheese Minister Gather 90,000 cheese
Prodigy Mouse Gather 102,000 cheese
Princess Of Transformice Gather 114,000 cheese
Cheesoholic Gather 126,000 cheese
The Cheesen One Gather 138,000 cheese
Sailor Mouse Gather 150,000 cheese
Om Nom Nom Gather 165,000 cheese
- Gather 180,000 cheese
Cheese Addict Gather 195,000 cheese
Cheesus Gather 210,000 cheese
Queen of Cheese Gather 225,000 cheese
MAH CHEESE! Gather 240,000 cheese
Rainmaker Gather 555,555 cheese
Razzle Dazzle Gather 660,000 cheese
Rendevous Gather 750,000 cheese
Zasavika Gather 750,000 cheese
Cheddar Gather 1,000,000 cheese
Trader Gather 1,250,000 cheese
Gift Sent From Heaven Gather 1,500,000 cheese
Crazy Collector Gather 1,750,000 cheese
NANI?! Gather 2,000,000 cheese
The Leviathon Gather 2,400,000 cheese
Craving Gather 2,800,000 cheese
Universal Gather 3,200,000 cheese
Cheese Otaku Gather 3,600,000 cheese
Beast Gather 4,000,000 cheese
Hoarder Gather 5,000,000 cheese
Cheese Divinity Gather 6,000,000 cheese
THICC Mama / Papa Gather 7,500,000 cheese
CHEESE-O-GEDDON Gather 10,000,000 cheese

Fast Mouse Gather 2 cheese first
Agile Mouse Gather 20 cheese first
Pirate Mouse Gather 200 cheese first
Ninja Mouse Gather 400 cheese first
Rogue Mouse Gather 600 cheese first
Looter Gather 800 cheese first
Stalker Gather 1,000 cheese first
Frothy Mouse Gather 1,200 cheese first
The Silent Gather 1,400 cheese first
Hawk Mouse Gather 1,600 cheese first
Cobra Mouse Gather 1,800 cheese first
Spidermouse Gather 2,000 cheese first
Quick Silver Gather 2,200 cheese first
Athletic Mouse Gather 2,400 cheese first
Hasty Mouse Gather 2,800 cheese first
Rocket Mouse Gather 3,200 cheese first
Sonic The Mouse Gather 3,600 cheese first
Pingless Gather 4,000 cheese first
Kamikaze Gather 4,400 cheese first
Warrior Mouse Gather 4,800 cheese first
Mach 1 Gather 5,200 cheese first
Hunter Gather 5,600 cheese first
First! Gather 6,000 cheese first
Sniper Gather 6,400 cheese first
Flash Gather 6,800 cheese first
Supermouse Gather 7,200 cheese first
Light Speed Gather 7,600 cheese first
Time Traveler Gather 8,000 cheese first
Fast Wind Gather 9,000 cheese first
E=MouseC² Gather 10,000 cheese first
Jumper Gather 11,000 cheese first
The Untouchable Gather 12,000 cheese first
Dynamite Gather 14,000 cheese first
Speedmaster Gather 16,000 cheese first
Whirlwind Gather 18,000 cheese first
Wall-Jumper Gather 20,000 cheese first
Sprinter Gather 24,000 cheese first
Batmouse Gather 28,000 cheese first
The Unseen Gather 32,000 cheese first
Unstoppable Gather 36,000 cheese first
The Wind Master Gather 40,000 cheese first
¡Ándale! ¡Ándale! Gather 50,000 cheese first
Torpedo Gather 60,000 cheese first
Speedy Gorgonzola Gather 70,000 cheese first
LIGHTNING Gather 80,000 cheese first
Mischievous Gather 500,000 cheese first
Wanderlust Gather 555,555 cheese first
Sneaky Gather 650,000 cheese first
Quick Feet Gather 800,000 cheese first
Quirky Gather 800,000 cheese first
Noob Gather 1,000,000 cheese first
Aesthetically Pleasing Gather 1,300,000 cheese first
失恋 Gather 1,300,000 cheese first
Yandere Gather 1,777,000 cheese first
Deja Vu Gather 2,400,000 cheese first
Mad Scientist Gather 2,800,000 cheese first
Blazing Speed Gather 3,200,000 cheese first
Need For Speed Gather 3,600,000 cheese first
Zeus Gather 4,000,000 cheese first
Absolutely Perfect Gather 4,500,000 cheese first
Millionare Gather 5,000,000 cheese first
Conquerer Gather 6,000,000 cheese first
Diamond Gather 7,500,000 cheese first
THUNDER Gather 10,000,000 cheese first

Shaman Disciple Save 10 mice as shaman
Accomplished Shaman Save 100 mice as shaman
Shaman Save 1,000 mice as shaman
Shaman Master Save 2,000 mice as shaman
Inspired Shaman Save 3,000 mice as shaman
Shaman Champion Save 4,000 mice as shaman
Glorious Shaman Save 5,000 mice as shaman
Wallflower Save 5,000 mice as shaman
Shaman Duchess Save 6,000 mice as shaman
Shaman Princess Save 7,000 mice as shaman
Shaman Empress Save 8,000 mice as shaman
Lollapalozza Save 8,000 mice as shaman
Legendary Shaman Save 9,000 mice as shaman
Immortal Shaman Save 10,000 mice as shaman
The Chosen Shaman Save 11,000 mice as shaman
Holy Shaman Save 12,000 mice as shaman
Shaman Oracle Save 13,000 mice as shaman
Shaman Prophet Save 14,000 mice as shaman
Shamarvelous Save 15,000 mice as shaman
Ancient Shaman Save 16,000 mice as shaman
Fearless Shaman Save 18,000 mice as shaman
Almight Shaman Save 20,000 mice as shaman
Architect Shaman Save 22,000 mice as shaman
Mademoiselle Save 24,000 mice as shaman
Lady Chamane Save 26,000 mice as shaman
Loved Save 28,000 mice as shaman
Magician Save 30,000 mice as shaman
Hero of Mice Save 35,000 mice as shaman
Angel Shaman Save 40,000 mice as shaman
The Creator Save 45,000 mice as shaman
Absolute Shaman Save 50,000 mice as shaman
Miraculous Shaman Save 55,000 mice as shaman
Liberator Save 60,000 mice as shaman
Troll Shaman Save 65,000 mice as shaman
Ghost Shaman Save 70,000 mice as shaman
Spirit Save 75,000 mice as shaman
Demigoddess Shaman Save 80,000 mice as shaman
Last Hope Save 85,000 mice as shaman
Redeemer Save 90,000 mice as shaman
Goddess Shaman Save 100,000 mice as shaman
Alpha & Omega Save 140,000 mice as shaman

Decorator Save 500 mice in hard mode
Builder Save 2,000 mice in hard mode
Nostalgia Save 3,000 mice in hard mode
Manufacturer Save 4,000 mice in hard mode
Technician Save 7,000 mice in hard mode
Hypnosis Save 7,000 mice in hard mode
Mechanic Save 10,000 mice in hard mode
Specialist Save 14,000 mice in hard mode
Inventor Save 18,000 mice in hard mode
Engineer Save 22,000 mice in hard mode
Inventive Mouse Save 26,000 mice in hard mode
Ingenious Mouse Save 30,000 mice in hard mode
Virtuoso Save 34,000 mice in hard mode

Smart Save 500 mice in divine mode
Mice's friend Save 2,000 mice in divine mode
Afectuos Save 2,000 mice in divine mode
Incognito Save 2,000 mice in divine mode
Professor Save 4,000 mice in divine mode
Designer Save 7,000 mice in divine mode
Mysterious Save 10,000 mice in divine mode
Shamazing Save 15,000 mice in divine mode
Cheese Detector Save 20,000 mice in divine mode
The Brain Save 25,000 mice in divine mode
Majestic Save 30,000 mice in divine mode
Divinity Save 40,000 mice in divine mode

Turbophobia Reach level 250
4 Leaf Clover Reach level 300
Livin' la vida loca Reach level 325
How Many? Reach level 350
Bubble Tea Reach level 400-450~
Hydra Mouse Reach level 400-450~
Swashbucklin' Sea-Mouse Reach level 400-450~
Mouseotopia Reach level 425
Reach level 450
Nonstop Grind Reach level 450
Sorcerer Reach level 500
Obsessed Reach level 525
Chuck-E-Cheese Reach level 600
Pajama Wars Reach level 625
Work hard, Play harder To be completed

Rookie Complete 1 bootcamp maps
Neophyte Complete 3 bootcamp maps
Private Complete 5 bootcamp maps
Deft Mouse Complete 7 bootcamp maps
Solo Artist Complete 10 bootcamp maps
Corporal Complete 15 bootcamp maps
Accurate Mouse Complete 20 bootcamp maps
Bootcampeur Complete 25 bootcamp maps
Sergeant Complete 30 bootcamp maps
Corner Jumper Complete 40 bootcamp maps
Skilled Mouse Complete 50 bootcamp maps
Lieutenant Complete 60 bootcamp maps
Longjumper Complete 70 bootcamp maps
Incredimouse Complete 80 bootcamp maps
Bootcamp Addict Complete 90 bootcamp maps
Capitain Complete 100 bootcamp maps
Dexterous Mouse Complete 120 bootcamp maps
Maniac Complete 140 bootcamp maps
Major Complete 160 bootcamp maps
Cheese Artist Complete 180 bootcamp maps
Acrobat Complete 200 bootcamp maps
Colonel Complete 250 bootcamp maps
Off the Grid Complete 250 bootcamp maps
Outlandish Complete 300 bootcamp maps
Shortcutter Complete 300 bootcamp maps
Tarzan Complete 350 bootcamp maps
Général Complete 400 bootcamp maps
Living Legend Complete 500 bootcamp maps
Mastermind Complete 540 bootcamp maps
Stuntmouse Complete 600 bootcamp maps
Pro Complete 700 bootcamp maps
Loophole Complete 760 bootcamp maps
Chuck Souris Complete 800 bootcamp maps
Queen of Bootcamp Complete 900 bootcamp maps
Gravity Master Complete 1,000 bootcamp maps
Jawbreaker Complete 1,000 bootcamp maps
Not Much Left Of Me Complete 1,500 bootcamp maps
Diablo Complete 2,666 bootcamp maps

Cowabunga Be the shaman 1,000 times
Highjinx Play 5,000 rounds
Immortal Survive 5,000 rounds
OTAKEU! Survive 5,000 rounds
Huzzah! Survive 3,000 rounds
alone Survive 3,000 rounds
Clairvoyant Kill 2,500 mice
SAD Kill 2,500 mice
Asesino Kill 2,666 mice
SICKO MODE - Kill 4,000 mice
Bonkers! - Kill 5,000 mice
Pfft! Lucky... - Kill 5,000 mice

Shenanigans Play 1,000 racing rounds
Rebellious Mouse Complete 1,500 racing rounds
Cynical Complete 700 racing podiums
Parkour Mouse Complete 10,000 racing podiums
racing master Complete 25,000 racing podiums
Sonic Pro Complete 1,000 racing podiums
Ambiguous Collect 1,000 firsts
The Resistance Collect 2,000 firsts
Cheetah Collect 5,000 firsts

old but gold Kill 50 mice as shaman in Kutier mode
Executioner Kill 300 mice as shaman in Kutier mode
Crazed Lunatic Kill 500 mice as shaman in Kutier mode
Sacrificial Lamb Kill 700 mice as shaman in Kutier mode
Demonic Kill 1,000 mice as shaman in Kutier mode
Eidolon Kill 777 mice as shaman in Kutier mode
Kutier Kill 500 mice as shaman in Kutier mode
Kutier Mouse Play 50 Kutier rounds
Cannon Rider Play 1,000 Kutier rounds
Unknown Territory Play 2,000 Kutier rounds
Pain Survive 100 rounds in kutier
不滅の Survive 100 times in kutier
Tough Cookie Survive 500 rounds in kutier
I Will Survive Survive 1,000 rounds in kutier
Teddybear Survive 15,000 rounds in kutier

Wolverine Successfully gather 400 cheese in #FFA rounds
Brutus Complete 100 #FFA rounds

Ghostwriter Win 200 #Prophunt rounds
Fortitude Win 300 #Prophunt rounds

Forever Provolone Be the cheese 100 times in #Cheesehunter

Cookie Clicker
Cookie Monster
Bake 1000 cookies
Cosmic bakery Bake 5000 cookies
Panic! at Nabisco Bake 10,000 cookies
Grandma's cookies Bake 15,000 cookies
101st birthday Bake 20,000 cookies
Grandmapocalypse Bake 25,000 cookies
Clicknarok Bake 30,000 cookies
Knead for speed Bake 35,000 cookies
Clickbait Bake 40,000 cookies
Hypersonic Bake 50,000 cookies
Freaky Jazz Hands Bake 60,000 cookies
Soulzone's Descendants Bake 70,000 cookies
Galactic Highway Bake 90,000 cookies
Overgrowth Bake 110,000 cookies
Lord of Progress Bake 130,000 cookies

Nice Mouse Buy 1 accessories from the shop
Adorable Mouse Buy 2 accessories from the shop
Charming Mouse Buy 5 accessories from the shop
Pretty Mouse Buy 10 accessories from the shop
Cute Mouse Buy 15 accessories from the shop
Frivolous Mouse Buy 20 accessories from the shop
Snob Mouse Buy 25 accessories from the shop
Stylish Mouse Buy 30 accessories from the shop
Actress Mouse Buy 35 accessories from the shop
Fashion Mouse Buy 40 accessories from the shop
Sexy Buy 45 accessories from the shop
SuperStar Buy 50 accessories from the shop

Witch 1000 normal mode save
Unity 1.5k shaman save
Hello Kitty if your gender is female
Biochemical 3k racing rounds
The Fragile 1k rounds
Sonic Pro 1k racing podium
Storm 1100 bootcamp
Deep 2k bootcamp
Deer 34k first
Flowey the Flower 1,776 firsts
Corndog 26k first
Nebulous 400k first
Starving 300k cheese
Cheez 630k cheese
The Force 600k cheese
Brave survive 5k round in survivor
Shadow Mouse survive 500 round in survivor
Snappy survive 1,000 survivor rounds
Gummy Bear 50 shop items
Cloud 60 shop items
Bubblegum 70 shop items
Jelly Bean 77 shop items
Lalaloopsy 100 shop items
SpaceBound 500 hardmode saves
Illuminati 666 hardmode saves
Sevenati 777 Hardmode saves
Overly Attached have 120 friends or more
Tiryaki play MiceForce for over a year
Rainbow register before 29/07/2016
LEGEND 2.000.000 First
Cafer (NO LONGER OBTAINABLE) 150 validated comment/topic
Latté (NO LONGER OBTAINABLE) 100 validated comment/topic
Flooder (NO LONGER OBTAINABLE) 30 validated comment/topic
Coffee (NO LONGER OBTAINABLE) 10 validated comment/topic
Çömez 1 validated comment/topic
Ciao Bella Buy 200 accessories from the shop
Angel Save 40.000 mice in hard mode
Toasty Complete 10.000 bootcamp maps
Amor Have a soulmate
Senpai 1.554.000 first
Bubble Reach level 200
Weeb Play miceforce for over 2 years
Mystic Have less than 50 friends
Monster Kill 5.000 mice in survivor
King and «Queen» 20.000 Firsts in racing
Wild 15.000 hard mode save
Gece Your account has to be 1 month old
Military 3.500 bootcamp
I <3 Niyazi Blow a kiss to Niyazi
Yoghurt Reach level 250
ADAMLAR Free title (given to all)
Lil' Leprechaun Purchase the St. Patricks Day Fur
Galaxy Mouse Go into the mouse hole 300 times
do not give up Collect 1,000 points in defilante
Depresso Expresso Acquire 1 like from the Cafe
Banana Fish Refer 7 people to the game (using /ref)
maple leaf🍁Buy the leaf fur from the Shop
electro mouse Free title
Deleted User Given to a player if their Registration Date is before 2015 4 Aug
Ancient Mouse Given to a player if their Registration Date is before 2016 4 Aug

Aries Given to a player if their Registration Date is between March 21 - April 20
Taurus Given to a player if their Registration Date is between April 21 - May 21
Gemini Given to a player if their Registration Date is between May 22 - June 21
Cancer Given to a player if their Registration Date is between June 22 - July 22
Leo Given to a player if their Registration Date is between July 23 - August 22
Virgo Given to a player if their Registration Date is between August 23 - September 23
Libra Given to a player if their Registration Date is between September 24 - October 23
Scorpio Given to a player if their Registration Date is between October 24 - November 22
Sagittarius Given to a player if their Registration Date is between November 23 - December 21
Capricorn Given to a player if their Registration Date is between December 22 - January 20
Aquarius Given to a player if their Registration Date is between January 21 - February 19
Pisces Given to a player if their Registration Date is between February 20 - March 20

Miceforce <3 /ayshe
Yaşa Mustafa Kemal Paşa /29ekim
Viva la quince brigada type /mp3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fko5fYIBJFU
Nenni type /mp3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwWC9tqOBVQ
Dağ Bir Değil Delemeyiz Sevdiğim type /mp3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iS9lUNHWYqQ
S122Eummer Wine type /mp3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OEron4rXfk
Double Trouble type /mp3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_WuQ6i2xko
Pirate Mouse type /mp3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnfQu8Ob34g
Rhineland type /mp3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0R1jecPe6UU
Shebnem Paker type /mp3 https://youtu.be/m5J6-bCMz3Y
KINDERFEST /kinderfest
Polychromatic /pride2019
Born This Way /pride2019
Once upon a time, a greenish place... #prayforamazon /prayforamazon

Mercenary Kill 150 mice in Kutier Mode
( - . - )... Zzz Survive 77 rounds in Kutier Mode
THIS IS SPARTA! Acquire 150 points in Defilante
Papi/Mami Chulo/a Play the game for a total of 6 hours
Holy Savior Earn 14 karma points by reporting bad people
Neo Pagan Use your totem 20 times[/COLOR]
Cheese Hunter Be the cheese 200 times in the #cheesehunter module
Yeeeehaaw! Catch the cheese 300 times in the #cheesehunter module
Stinky Kill 80 mice as a finder in the #cheesehunter module
Melted Cheese As a cheese, win 90 times in #cheesehunter

Swashbucklin' Sea-Mouse Given out to everyone by Sevenops
SevenxSevenxSevenxSevenxSevenxSevenxSeven Given out during streams or beta testing
Gin Fizz Given out by Kmlcan during beta testing or event rooms
Lua Error: $KM_L.129 Given out by Kmlcan during beta testing or event rooms
Dead Men Tell No Tales Given out by Administrators
Gradient Given out by Administrators
Heaven or Hell Given out by Administrators
The Siren's Call Given out by Administrators
Movimiento Naranja Given out by Administrators
? Seven ? Given to all players who logged in on Sevenops' birthday
Kawaii >_< Given out by Administrators
Bastet Given out by Administrators
Eleven Given out by Administrators
Upside Down Given out by Administrators
Friendzone Given out by Administrators
Soul of the Party Given out by Administrators
Rockstar Given out by Administrators
Fearless Given out by Administrators
TRIGGERED Given out by Administrators
Mr./Mrs Jones Given out by Administrators
Patates Given out by Administrators
Tiger Given out by Administrators
1nf3c+3d Given out by Administrators
Sad Girls/Boys Club Given out by Administrators
Retarded Given out by Administrators
Nico Nico Ni Given out by Administrators
Heart of the Jungle Given out by Administrators
Insomnia Given out by Administrators
Belzebub Given out by Administrators
MiceForce Holidays 2018 Given out by Administrators
Keeper Given out by Administrators
Shipwrecker Given out by Administrators
Spendthrift Given out by Administrators
Lullabies Given out by Administrators
Verliebt Given out by Administrators
Butterfly Given out by Administrators
Goals Given out by Administrators
Rhynoxeronte Given out by Administrators
XMAS TREE Given out by Administrators
Sic Semper Tyannis Given out by Administrators
High Hopes Given out by Administrators
I belive in U Given out by Administrators
Loligeddon Given out by Administrators
Hana Montana Given out by Administrators
Team Pewdiepie Given out by Administrators
winter stories Given out by Administrators
Luv from Luh Given out by Administrators
No Resolutions For Me, I'm Perfect Given out by Administrators
Sk8tr Boi Given out by Administrators
emo cafér ☕Given out by Administrators
3OH!3 Given out by Administrators
Mr. Something Given out by Administrators
The True #1 Given out by Administrators
Drizzt Do'Urden Given out by Administrators
UMF 2019 Given out by Administrators
Mehmet Given out by Administrators
OwO Given out by Administrators
Coder Given out by Administrators
só no sapatinho Given out by Administrators
Cauliflower Given out by Administrators
Fruit Cocktail Given out by Administrators
Given out by Administrators
ChemkayK Given out by Administrators
Thotiana Given out by Administrators
Never Back Down💪Given out by Administrators
420 Given out by Administrators
Um Deus, Talvez Given out by Administrators
C8H11NO2 Given out by Administrators
Pikachu ^_^ Given out by Administrators
Binks Sake Given out by Administrators
Sweet but Psycho Given out by Administrators
June 1st
Given out by Administrators

BTS Given out by Administrators
BLACKPINK Given out by Administrators
Holy Vodka Given out by Administrators
Significant Kills: Most of the human population of 2052 Given out by Administrators
Maybe in our world there lives a happy little tree over there. Given by Sevenops/Administrators
Hıyar Given by Sevenops/Administrators
せんひめ Given by Administrators
Omae Wa Mouse Shindeiru Given by Administrators
Force's Aegis Given by Administrators
Immortal Rhythm Given by Administrators
Spooky Scary Skeleton Given by Administrators

La Belette
El Pinolero
Dehset Admin
Kikoo Admin
La Goulue
Gold Saint
Le Bourrin
Crazy Cat Lady
Commander of Death
Omae Wa Mouse Shindeiru
Very Custom Admin Title
Overlord of Time
Fit Mouse
Force's Aegis
Legends Never Die
Immortal Rhythm
The Daddy
Ebedi Şef
The Goddess
Funny n' Sexy
Mappy Mappy
Careless Whisper
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Loli Dragon
super saiyan flex
The Grateful Dead
lookin at the devil
Welcome to the Rodeo
i can't be ur sent mommy but i'll love u
Once upon a time... the Brazilian Guardians

Same old love
hell yea

you can be the boss daddy
Queen of Typos
Şansölye'nin Yardımcısı
gizli mod
ילד זהב
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
a modern tragedy
The Goddess
God of Anime
🐍King of Serpents🐍
King of Café

Commander of Death
lookin' at the devil
Becca Franco
The Dark Commander

FFA Race Seasonal Champion
Be #1 on the FFA Race seasonal leaderboard.

Childish Mouse
Gather 20 flags during the National Sovereignty and Children's Day event

Souris Sapin
Complete the A relic during the Christmas event
Christmas Cake Complete the B relic during the Christmas event
Papaille Noël Complete the C relic during the Christmas event
Cookies Complete the D relic during the Christmas event
Christmas Spirit Complete the G relic during the Christmas event
Wintry Complete the H relic during the Christmas event
Christmas Savior Complete the I relic during the Christmas event
Big Turkey Complete the J relic during the Christmas event
Raclette Complete ALL THE RELICS

Finding Dory 150 Dorys
Gerald 80 Dorys
Diver 75 Dorys
Hank 150 Hanks
Palamut 70 Hanks
What the Fish 30 Hanks
All Aboard! 30 Hanks
Captain Nemouse 30 Hanks
Tonnerre de Brest 25 Dorys
Explorer 20 Dorys
Adorer 20 Dorys
Fishermouse 20 Dorys
Sardine 20 Dorys

Runner 30 points
Sprinter 60 points
Slow down! 90 points
Souris Bolt 120 points

Sandy Mouse 40 gems
Tutankhamouse 55 gems
Caesar 70 gems
Cleopatra 95 gems
Flamekeeper 120 gems
Safari Mouse 135 gems

Bloody Mary
Win a jackpot on the Halloween map
Pennywise Win a jackpot on the Halloween map
Count Dracula Win a jackpot on the Halloween map
Grim Reaper Win a jackpot on the Halloween map
Hellstorm Win a jackpot on the Halloween map
Devilish Win a jackpot on the Halloween map
Extraterrestrial Win a jackpot on the Halloween map
Pumpkaboo Win a jackpot on the Halloween map
Hellhound Win a jackpot on the Halloween map
Sinister Win a jackpot on the Halloween map

Note: These titles can be purchased from Mammy Two Shoes
50 Gold Tickets
Jerry 50 Gold Tickets
Tom-ic Energy 60 Gold Tickets
Mammy Two Shoes 70 Gold Tickets
Mouseketeer 75 Gold Tickets
Penthouse Mouse 90 Gold Tickets
Buddies... Thicker Than Water 90 Gold Tickets

Little Elf
65 points
Ho Ho Ho 80 points
Elf on the Shelf 95 points
Snowmouse 125 points
Polar Express 155 points
Jingle My Bells 180 points
The Christmas Miracle 220 points
Santa's Little Helper 250 points

Christmas Warrior
Winning one round of Christmas War

Miceforce 2018
Hug a mouse on the New Years Map
Naughty Mouse Kiss a mouse on the New Years Map

Purchase the Box of Chocolates gift from the shop
Box of Chocolates Gift the Box of Chocolates to your soulmate
Flirtatious Mouse Purchase the Diamond Ring gift from the shop
Match Made in Heaven Gift the Diamond Ring to your soulmate
Coeur Brilliant Purchase the Necklace gift from the shop
Mon Amour Gift the Necklace to your soulmate
Passionate Mouse Purchase the Bouquet of Roses gift from the shop
Romantic Mouse Gift the Bouquet of Roses to your soulmate
Loving Mouse Purchase the Bottle of Wine gift from the shop
Lovestruck Gift the Bottle of Wine to your soulmate
Mr Valentine Purchase the Teddybear gift from the shop (Male)
Mrs Valentine Purchase the Teddybear gift from the shop (Female)
Venus Gift the Teddybear to your soulmate
Je T'aime Kiss your soulmate under the moon in the Valentines Map (MUST HAVE A PRESENT/GIFT)
Heartbreaker Given for not gifting anyone for 2 consecutive date maps

Chubby Bunny
Become a bunny on the Easter map
Eggcellent Collect 100 eggs
eggstreme Collect 200 eggs
Carrot Cake Catch 150 bunnies
Wabbit Season Catch 300 bunnies
All mine! Acquire eggs from the rabbit successfully 30 times

Obedient Mouse
Complete the event map on the first day of the event successfully
Studious Mouse Complete the event map on the second day of the event successfully
Nerdymouse Complete the event map on the third day of the event successfully

Note: These titles can be purchased from Froggy in the village.
Tropical Mouse 50 Purple Berries
Lemonade Mouse 50 Yellow Berries
Fruity Mouse 50 Purple Berries
Fruit Salad 50 Purple Berries
Caribbean Mouse 50 Yellow Berries
Tan Mouse 50 Yellow Berries

ove is Love Type #pride in the Pride room

Note: These titles can be purchased from Jesse in the village.
Buzz Lightyear 75 Honey Cheese
Honey Cheese 70 Honey Cheese
Vitamin Bee 65 Honey Cheese
Buzz Off! 60 Honey Cheese
Honeybee or Queen Bee 30 Honey Cheese
Cardi Bee 25 Honey Cheese
Buzz Buzz 25 Honey Cheese
Sexy Bee 25 Honey Cheese


The Undead Get revived by the hellhound 15 times.
Bogeyman Survive the netherworld 20 times.
A Nightmare on Street 666 Survive the netherworld 60 times.
Frightening Survive the netherworld 40 times.
Lava Armor Die 20 times on the netherworld map.
A Season In Hell Survive the netherworld 75 times.
mesmerizing force Survive the netherworld 80 times.

Jesus Christmouse
85 Reindeer coins
Santa's Reindeer 65 Reindeer coins
Donner 15 Reindeer coins
Blitzen 15 Reindeer coins
Cupid 15 Reindeer coins
Vixen 15 Reindeer coins
Dancer 15 Reindeer coins
Dasher 15 Reindeer coins
Prancer 15 Reindeer coins
Comet 15 Reindeer coins
eggnog latte Help decorate the Christmas tree 5 times
Midnight Wish Help decorate the Christmas tree 30 times

**Note: go to room /lama and listen to the video in the room 3 times per task. Each task will have the following titles as a reward:
Happy Lama Collect 15 cheese in 4 hours.
Super Lama Pass 5 bootcamps in 12 hours.
Mentally Disturbed Lama Survive 15 times in survivor in 6 hours.
Drama Lama Collect 100 defilante points in 24 hours.
Sad Lama Kill 30 mice in survivor in 6 hours.
Big Fat Mama Lama Save 100 mice in 12 hours.

Wood Dragon
🌳 Press E (or confetti; both are the same) while on the first island on the new event's map
Fire Dragon 🔥 Reach to the top island, enter the light beam next to the dragon's face, and collect the lantern
Earth Dragon 🗿 Go to the top island and sleep on the ground, under the dragon.
Metal Dragon 🛠 Dance on top of the dragon's head at the top of the map. You may need to move around a bit for it to work.
Water Dragon💧Cry on top of the big tree which is located beneath the dragon's first hand. This can also take a few seconds to work, but try moving around while crying.
wu xing This title will be given to you once you've gotten all the dragon titles!

better together
Complete the A relic set
7 rings Complete the B relic set
thank u next Complete the C relic set
new beginnings Complete the D relic set
Lana Del Rat Complete the E relic set

Baby Shark 20 Shark Coins
Mommy Shark 40 Shark Coins
Daddy Shark 60 Shark Coins
THE MEG 100 Shark Coins

(Part 1)

boo (hoo|you)
The Boo Crew
Magic Wand
Creature Feature
Coffin Break
BOO! Buddies
Chills & Thrills
2 cute 2 scare
Daddy's Little Pumpkin
Golden Snitch

(Part 2)
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

(Part 3)
Blood and Candies
Blood Fest

Pumpkin Pie 25 candies
Voldemouse 25 candies
Frankenmaus 20 candies
Vampire Slayer 20 candies
Pumpkaboo 25 candies
Grim Reaper 25 candies
Devilish 25 candies
Hellstorm 25 candies
Pennywise 25 candies
Sinister 25 candies
Bloody Mary 25 candies
...beware of me 25 candies
Count Dracula 25 candies
Extraterrestrial 25 candies
Boo! 45 bloodbottles
Trickster 45 bloodbottles
Pumpkin Spice 65 broomsticks
Bones and Broom 150 broomsticks
Knockin' on Heaven's Door 150 bloodbottles

KA-BOOM! 150 bird relics
Sticky Balloon 140 bird relics
Helium 125 bird relics
Air balloon 115 bird relics
Pilot 100 bird relics
Ascende Superius 60 bird relics
Fly High 55 bird relics
Reach for the Skies 45 bird relics
Zeppelin 35 bird relics

130 shaman coins
Heart of the Jungle 120 shaman coins
Team PewDiePie👊 115 bootcamp coins
Ў 110 racing coins
Rhynoxeronte 105 survivor coins
Mayonnaise 100 bootcamp coins
Spendthrift 95 racing coins
ChemkayK 90 shaman coins
1nf3c+3d 90 survivor coins
Fruit Cocktail 90 survivor coins
The Siren's Call 85 racing coins
ГАНАРЫСТЫ ПАРСЮК 80 shaman coins
Heaven or Hell 80 racing coins
Kawaii >_< 75 shaman coins
Gradient 65 racing coins
Retarded 60 racing coins

Find these titles under the event titles spoiler.

Find these titles under the event titles spoiler.

Find these titles under the event titles spoiler.

185 survivor coins
Little Dragon 170 shaman coins
Pizza Lover 160 survivor coins
Cavemouse 155 survivor coins
Pot-au-feu 155 survivor coins
Moai Mouse 155 bootcamp coins
Bewitched 145 racing coins
Transformist 140 shaman coins
Witch 130 racing coins
Frozen 130 racing coins
Foreman 120 racing coins
Shrewd mouse 110 racing coins
Little Monkey 110 racing coins
Turing Mouse 110 racing coins
Frangipane 100 shaman coins
Crêpe Batter 100 shaman coins
Captain Coco 100 shaman coins
Chestnut 100 racing coins
Marathoner 100 racing coins
herp derp 65 racing coins
Souris-chan 65 racing coins
Piston 65 racing coins
Farmer 55 racing coins
Milky Mouse 55 bootcamp coins
Bakasaurs 55 racing coins
Roar of the Dragon 55 racing coins
Zeptowatt 50 racing coins
Philosopher 50 shaman coins
First in the Class 50 racing coins
Academician 50 racing coins
Spooky 50 survivor coins
Sweet Tooth 50 racing coins
Santa Claus 50 racing coins
Bookmouse 50 racing coins
Scooby-Doo 50 racing coins
Lumberjack 50 racing coins
Polar Mouse 50 shaman coins
Heliast 50 shaman coins
Chicken 50 racing coins
The Cursed 50 survivor coins
Shinobi 45 survivor coins
Dauphine 45 bootcamp coins
Elfette 40 bootcamp coins
Cookies 40 racing coins
Indiana Mouse 40 racing coins
Zombie 35 racing coins
Ratatouille 35 bootcamp coins
Secret Admirer 35 survivor coins
Honeymoon 35 racing coins
Oldie Mouse 35 racing coins
Poltergeist 30 survivor coins
Angry Mouse 30 bootcamp coins
Yeeehaaaa ! 30 bootcamp coins
Ice Cube 30 racing coins
Wintry Worker 30 racing coins
Snorer 30 racing coins
Cupid 30 racing coins
Leprechaun 30 racing coins
Celtic Mouse 30 racing coins
Candy Cane 30 racing coins
Gingerbread 30 survivor coins
Christmas Spirit 25 racing coins
Sans-culotte 25 survivor coins
Pac-mouse 25 racing coins
Snow Angel 25 bootcamp coins
Ghostbuster 25 racing coins
Christmas Savior 25 shaman coins
Fiancé 25 bootcamp coins
Dunce 25 racing coins
Casper 25 survivor coins
Broken Heart 25 racing coins
Barmouse/Batmouse 25 racing coins
Tyrannosouris 25 racing coins
Buccaneer 25 racing coins
Lil Sushi 20 racing coins
Souris Lilloise 20 bootcamp coins
Archonte 20 shaman coins
Pumpkin Juice 20 survivor coins
Starfish 20 racing coins
Cocoa 20 survivor coins
Cadet 20 bootcamp coins
Trick or Treat 15 survivor coins
Free Hugs 15 racing coins
My Cutie Pie 15 bootcamp coins
Fromagic 15 bootcamp coins
Patriotic 15 racing coins
Little Snowflake 15 racing coins
Little Bell 15 racing coins
World Explorer 15 racing coins
Little Pixie 10 racing coins

Satán 250 bootcamp coins
Good Vibes 150 bootcamp coins

200 racing coins
Friendzone 100 survivor coins
Hard Feelings 100 racing coins
TRIGGERED 100 bootcamp coins
Upside Down 95 racing coins
Rockstar 95 survivor coins
Eleven 85 racing coins
Bastet 80 racing coins
Mr. Jones 70 racing coins
Soul of the Party 65 shaman coins
Tiger 55 racing coins
Patates 50 racing coins

45 lanterns
Year of the Dragon🐲 40 lanterns
Rose Quartz 35 lanterns
Peach Blossom 30 lanterns
agate 25 lanterns

2 Souls on Fire
🔥 1 ringbox
ocean eyes 1 ringbox
supermarket flowers 45 roses
Sweetheart 15 roses
Box of Chocolates 15 roses
Flirtatious Mouse 15 roses
Match Made in Heaven 15 roses
Coeur Brillant 15 roses
Mon Amour 15 roses
Passionate Mouse 15 roses
Romantic Mouse 15 roses
Loving Mouse 15 roses
Lovestruck 15 roses
Mrs. Valentine|Mr. Valentine 15 roses
Venus 15 roses
Je T’aime 15 roses
Heartbreaker 15 roses

Jesus Christmouse
85 Reindeers
Santa's Reindeer 65 Reindeers
Dasher 15 Reindeers
Dancer 15 Reindeers
Prancer 15 Reindeers
Vixen 15 Reindeers
Comet 15 Reindeers
Cupid 15 Reindeers
Donner 15 Reindeers
Blitzen 15 Reindeers

Good Grace
Funny Bunny


MMC April 2018 1st Place Received for first place in one of the categories of the Map Making Contest competition April 2018
MMC April 2018 2nd Place. Received for the second place in one of the categories of the Map Making Contest competition, April 2018
MMC April 2018 3rd Place Received for the third place in one of the categories of the Map Making Contest competition April 2018
MMC May 2018 1st Place. Received for the first place in one of the categories of the Map Making Contest competition in May 2018
MMC May 2018 2nd Place. Received for the second place in one of the categories of the Map Making Contest competition in May 2018
MMC May 2018 3rd Place. Received for the third place in one of the categories of the Map Making Contest competition in May 2018
MMC June 2018 1st Place Received for first place in one of the categories of the Map Making Contest competition in June 2018
MMC June 2018 2nd Place. Received for the second place in one of the categories of the Map Making Contest competition in June 2018
MMC June 2018 3rd Place Received for the third place in one of the categories of the Map Making Contest competition in June 2018
MMC October 2018 1st Place. Received for the first place in one of the categories of the Map Making Contest competition August 2018
MMC October 2018 2nd Place. Received for the second place in one of the categories of the Map Making Contest competition August 2018
MMC October 2018 3rd Place Received for the third place in one of the categories of the Map Making Contest competition August 2018

Mouse Lisa Winning first or second place in the annual artist competition

EN event title
Breezy Days EN event title
Kool-aid EN event title
Riptide EN event title
The Cursed Night EN event title
Death is a strategy | tragedy EN event title
Finders keepers, losers weepers EN event title
Gordon Ramsay EN community title
Savior of the Damned EN community title
Athens Won in EN competition
Ares Won in EN competition
Hermes Won in EN competition
恋人 Won in EN competition
Good Vibes Won in EN competition
Break & Enter Won in EN competition
D e c o d e r Won in EN competition
0100110 01000010 01001001 Won in EN competition
MiceForce Olympics 2019 Won in EN competition
Guess the Password 2019 Won in EN competition
Ready, set, freeze! Won in EN competition
Hypothermia Won in EN competition
Frozone Won in EN competition
Freeze Tag 2019 Won in EN competition
MiceForce EN Giveaway Winner EN Discord Giveaways title

GADDO D+ BR community title
Fashionista 2018 BR event title
Betelgeuse BR event title
CACHORRO! BR event title
Forces Fun BR event title
Worst Of Friends BR event title

Zoomouse Won in an ES competition
Meister der Hänseleien Won in an ES competition
Peripatètics Won in an ES competition
Apariencia☕ES event title
Be strong ES event title
FLAMINGO ES event title
J.K. Mouse ES event title
J.R.R. Mouse ES event title
LOL ES event title
Moonchild ES event title
Mouse Kahlo ES event title
You’re so uwu ES event title
Wake up ES event title
Wanda & Cosmo ES event title
pink spinel ES event title

Hungarian Champions HU event title
Sleep Machine HU event title

crybaby PL community title

blessed egg-spert RO event title
egg-cited about Easter! RO event title
egg-sperienced designer RO event title
Goddess of Winter Fashion RO event title
Graphic Designer RO event title
On Strange Tides RO event title
Stylish Santa’s Helper RO event title
Summer Guardian RO event title
Winter Designer RO event title

Потерянный подарочек
RU event title
Christmas RU event title

Moda Tutkunu
TR event title

Ranking titles are not permanent and require being maintained
Emperor of Racing / Empress of Racing Get first place in the Racing ranking
Duke of Racing Get second place in the Racing rankings
Count of Racing Get third place in the Racing rankings
Emperor of Bootcamp / Empress of Bootcamp Get first place in the Bootcamp rankings
Duke of Bootcamp Get second place in the Bootcamp rankings
Count of Bootcamp Get third place in the Bootcamp rankings
Emperor of Defilante / Empress of Defilante Get first place in the Defilante rankings
Duke of Defilante Get second place in the Defilante rankings
Count of Defilante Get third place in the Defilante rankings
Divine Shaman Get first place in the Normal rankings
Holy Mouse Get second place in the Normal rankings
Profaned Mouse Get third place in the Normal rankings

will be deleted exists but it is impossible to obtain
L ? O ? L exists but it is impossible to obtain
«🏁 Contributor 🏁» Buy any amount of FikiCoin to your account
❤ Buy any amount of FikiCoin to your account
P o t a t o Buy any amount of FikiCoin to your account
Savior Save 10+ mice in one round in vanilla or normal rooms
Haa, I’m a muffin [/room shaman] Survive 1 round
All feedback is appreciated!

You can suggest titles here
Title codes here (custom MF titles not included)
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