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why heya there !
i decided to make a thread w meaning of
some titles a lot of people dont understand or
dont know the meaning of.
hope you enjoy!
if you have any more titles you would like me to add,
or you want to correct me, feel free to comment


«Drizzt Do'Urden» - according to what i found, drizzt do'urden is a fictional
character in the forgotten realms campaign setting
for the dungeons & dragons fantasy role-playing game.
TLDR; a fictional character.
«CanisMajoris» - vy canis majoris is an extreme oxygen-rich red
hypergiant or red supergiant and pulsating variable star located at
1.2 kiloparsecs away from earth in the constellation of canis major.
TLDR; canis majoris is a star.

«Shebnem Paker» - according to what i found,
shebnem paker is a turkish guitarist, singer and music teacher.
«Çömez» - im not sure on this one,
but the translation from turkish to english
is ''disciple.''
«ADAMLAR» - the translation for adamlar is
''men'', and its a musical group from turkey.
«Pont-L'Évêque» - pont-l'évêque is a french cheese, originally manufactured
in the area around the commune of pont-l'évêque, between
deauville and lisieux in the calvados département of normandy.
TLDR; a cheese.
«Clairvoyant» - a person who claims to have a supernatural
ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.
«Cowabunga» - used to express delight or satisfaction.

«Asesino» - apparently asesino is a mexican-american
extreme metal supergroup and a side project of fear factory guitarist dino cazares.

«Um Deus, Talvez» - meaning ''a god, maybe''.
«不滅の» - ''eternal''
«Sic Semper Tyrannis» - is a latin phrase meaning
"thus always to tyrants".

«ロマンス» - ''romance''
«ChemkayK» - (fun fact, my thread with title color codes
came up when i searched this) apparently a user on this game..
still not very sure.
«Rhynoxeronte» - im so confused. another user
came up
«Spendthrift» - a person who spends money in an
extravagant, irresponsible way.
«Verliebt» - ''in love''
anyways, a yt channel came up as well, soo
i guess a youtuber?..
«Patates» - ''potatoes''
«Zeppelin» - idk man a singer and a
hot air balloon ship came up
«Ascende Superius» - idk. ''The 100''

came up
«Movimiento Naranja» - ..a song


Very cool thread! I’m sure there’s another that I have that means “ in love “ I’ll make sure to edit this comment with it whenever I’m on Miceforce next!
This is super cool, amazing idea dude. 💕


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Very cool thread! I’m sure there’s another that I have that means “ in love “ I’ll make sure to edit this comment with it whenever I’m on Miceforce next!
This is super cool, amazing idea dude. 💕


«Ascende Superius» is a reference to The 100, a tv show that soulzone likes
lovely thread!


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Love this thread <3


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very cool thread!


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ooo, what a nice thread idea. some of these meanings are pretty damn cool ❤!
If you'd like sents to help keep the thread updated, dont feel shy to pm one of us qwq <3


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i like this thread. theres certain titles i dont even know what they mean.


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The thread is nice, but some things need editing:

Belzebub - religion-wise, is another name for the Devil. As the one who suggested that title, I confirm this was the idea behind it. Also a typo since there should be three E's, not two.
Ascende Superius - from Latin means "Up Higher".
Zeppelin - As a Balloons title, we clearly mean the hot air balloon.
ChemkayK - A long forgotten ship name between Chemicals and BerkayK.

There are many more titles that also need need explanations, I'll list the ones I know and remember:

Deja Vu - The feeling that the situation someone experiences already happened before or, as a firsts title, a reference to the Deja Vu meme.
せんひめ - Senhime, from Japanese "War Princess" or "Thousand Princess" (Gramatically incorrect, but still a possibility)
Mehmet - A joke version of Menet, the now former ES and INT manager.
The True #1 - Tribute to Robbie Rotten, the title name is a reference to a song from a child's cartoon Lazy Town, that became a meme.


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damn i learnt many new words
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