[THEME] MForum Kex Theme


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whoa good job!!!
Version v0.0.3 has been released!
- Changed the zoom avatar hover to a dotted circle hover.
2019-11-27 19_40_23-[THEME] MForum Kex Theme _ Page 2 _ MiceForce Forums.png
- Changed the position of the Sticky Message in the About from the center to right besides the text.
2019-11-27 19_34_34-Xekrophite _ MiceForce Forums.png
2019-11-27 19_35_39-Xekrophite _ MiceForce Forums.png
Version v0.0.4 has been released!
- Changed the color of spoilers to match the theme. (suggested by +xqr)
- Changed the color of comment boxes to match the theme. (suggested by +xqr)
- Changed the color of reply boxes to match the theme.
P.S: Have any suggestions? If so, feel free to comment them on this thread!
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OK I love this. I don't like the default "dark" theme (forgot its name) but I love how this looks. I use white theme but will definitely be using this one 📱
Version v0.0.5 has been released!
- The theme is now compatible with Opera and Firefox

For people who use Opera (like I do), there isn't any extension called "Stylish", so please use "Stylus", its the same thing, works like Stylish.
Link: Stylus Page
"Dev-TR" theme by Soulzone