Not a Bug the messages by the person that i blocked them are visible (and more)

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after the new 2020 pride update, i cant see my chat/cafe tag and the messages by the person that i blocked em are visible, can somebody fix this?


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seeing cafe messages from someone youve blocked; its always been that way.


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I've tested blacklisting someone via cafe and for me, their messages no longer appeared. I recommend re-blacklisting that player and refreshing, and if the problem still consists don't hesitate to report it again. As for your tag, you most likely have it disabled via settings so I suggest you enable it, and if it's already enabled but your still unable to see it, disable then re-enable it and try refreshing just to be on the safe side. And if you cannot see your tag even while in village it's because of the new LGBT+ titles and the black lives matter title. Question answered, thread closed.
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