Little Mouse
So, basically i'm looking for people to join my tribe 'T R A G I C' it was just recently made and it's only me and my friend atm. but i am hoping to change that, and you can work your way up in the ranks, pretty easily.. just show your active, and kind to the others in the tribe.

Message me if you want to join?

must have atleast;
~ gathered cheese - 5,000
~ Don't disrespect anyone else in the tribe or you will be kicked
~ don't add people without permission :) (ask me, ill have to inspect them)
~ *Will add more info once i decide* ~

~ Don't ask to be ranked up i will decide once i see how you react in the tribe aswell
I have a few ranks called
~ Your Choice ~
Which is when i ask you what you want your rank to be called i will use that and pick your restrictions :)

~have a nice day.
- TrashRat
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