[Suggestion] Batata Module


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credits to
https://mforum.ist/threads/script-batata.1808/#post-258682 and Transformice itself
basically batata is like hot potato, you pass the potato around until you’re the last mouse standing.
hopefully this module gets into the game and HOPEFULLY PEOPLE ACTUALLY PLAY IT

and i didn’t know where to put this so YOU CAN MOVE IT WHERE EVER YOU WANT THANK UUUU

it takes 2 people to play and 11 unique players for stats to count

game requires two mice to play

basically to play all you need to do is pass the potato to someone before you explode
you get 15 seconds to pass the potato to someone else, if not you explode
you can customize the potato
[insert a picture of some potato skins here]

and if someone else has the potato your job is to run away or keep away from them
tfm is currently broken so i cant really get any pictures

guess what im on it B)

mmmmmm any questions? no? great

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¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!
yes it gets intense but it’s actually pretty simple

thread is on wip, i’ll add some pictures soon
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