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Hey everymice:D,

Lately we've received reports of maps outside of their main category created by players who don’t use our map submission threads to be discussed. These maps are probably found in the [P0] rotation, most of the time they are great but don't have a specific category yet. We have been observing these maps well, there are many, and they have an incredible quality, but we may not always be looking for these lovely random maps. So we decided to open this thread so that everyone can send us the best maps you guys can find. This is just a project we wanted to develop with the users, it might have or not have success at all, if it does then we'll keep the thread otherwise it will be closed.

So... If you find good maps that are in the P0 category, you can send them all here.

- Don’t send your own maps. Maps made by you can be sent on other threads. Post only if you really find good maps to get into the rotation. There is no reward for posting a lot of maps so don't waste my time. Use common sense and don't be annoying.

Remember that the purpose of the thread is to send maps that you found randomly in the game (P0) and that you think good enough to be a part of some category. Send the code and the creator of the map (example: User1 - @210215). You can send as many maps as you want.

P.S: We’ll not be posting reviews or saying which maps we've chosen. We’ll simply post checkpoints so we can keep track of where we left off.

Any doubts about? Ask a Map Crew member. Otherwise, find me some maps ^-^!


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Map Crew
great thread !!


Little Mouse
Sevendr - @353317
Sevendr - @358263
Sevendr - @357180
Sevendr - @354204
Sevendr - @355535
Sevendr - @355448
That's all I can find.


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Mastika @Mastika
@353317 - Pretty good gameplay and since this map is a bit challenging for players to complete on their own, it gives the shaman a chance to assist them.
@358263 - Gameplay isn't that great, and besides that, there's mandatory offscreen gameplay involved which isn't allowed.
@357180 - Good concept but gameplay doesn't suffice.
@354204 - Again, a nice concept but there's not a lot of room for the shaman to build, and without a shaman, the map would be a bit difficult. There's also a lot of alignment problems which take away from the map's aesthetics and make it look messy.
@355535 - Gameplay is easy and underneath the only cheese that the player can get without the shaman, there's a hidden ground which can confuse users; not allowed.
@355448 - Gameplay is very boring and takes less than 20 seconds to complete. [ Cheeeeeese *-* (15.71s) ]


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Map Crew
Jayone - @537919
Thats my map :D:p
hi, please only use this thread to submit other maps by other creators that you feel should be submitted into rotation. You can submit your map code to your desired category in map submission. Thank you!
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