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Prisms recommended to look at the Spoons tribe thread, because it strictly says that we only invite those who are close friends with staff, current staff, and past staff who still keep in touch with us.

i dont understand this :')
That doesn't guarantee an invite to the tribe. Spoons is a bit more closed off now and we don't normally invite someone unless they're new staff or old trusted staff. If you beg for an invite it's probably going to decrease your chances of ever getting into Spoons.


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Is there a form to join the team?
No, we don’t do applications in EN unless we need urgent additions to the team.
Rather than that we look for interactive players well-known in the community, ones who report often and have a lovable attitude. Getting noticed by the staff team and community itself increases your chances in being recruited to the team.
Joining EN’s official discord server Force Social is a good place to get started.
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