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  • Administrators
    • Lostwithdark


    EN Moderator Director

    • +Xqr

    EN Moderators
    • +Xqr
    • Daichi
    • Icey00008
    • Kalani

    I would like to be a mod, how do I become one?
    In general, the more you ask to become a mod, the more likely you won't become one.
    As of right now, the Moderator Team is not currently accepting applications.

    There is a hacker in my room! How do I report him/her?
    Whispering moderators in-game has proven to be the fastest way of getting reports taken care of.
    You can see which public moderators are online by friending them or by typing /mod in your chat window.
    You can, and should, also use /report "name" to report the hacker.

    Other ways to contact a moderator:
    • You can contact an individual moderator by messaging them via the forum.
    You can do this by going to the private message page and typing the name of the person you wish to contact in the box labeled "Recipients"
    • Using the /report function (/report "name"). This is often the best course of action if /mod returns no results.
    • Through our Discord channels. Quite a few mods are frequently on Discord. (RECOMMENDED METHOD)

    I think I was banned/muted unfairly. What do I do?
    The first thing you should do is try to contact the moderator that muted or banned you by using one of the methods listed above.
    If you aren't sure who did it and you're having trouble contacting any moderators to assist you, feel free to contact any Co-Administrator.
    Be sure to include your username and your situation.

    When should I contact a moderator?
    Feel free to contact us if you witness any of the following while playing:
    • Cheating/Hacking
    • Racism/Homophobia/Spam/Other chat offenses
    • Linking to malicious or inappropriate material
    • Anyone asking for your personal information (such as your password or phone number)
    • Offensive nicknames or tribe names
    A more thorough list can be found in the Game Rules and Guidelines thread.

    What not to report for:
    moderate swearing is allowed, so you should only contact a moderator for extreme chat offenses such as spam, racism, inappropriate links, etc. You can use the /ignore command (/ignore "name")to mute an individual player or type /filtre in your chat window to block the most common offensive words.
    Trolling: it’s part of the game. If you can’t stand it, switch rooms or use /ban.
    Tribe issues: we are unable to mute anyone in your tribe chat, change anyone's ranking, or kick any members from your tribe for you. Please take advantage of the /tc command to tab out tribe chat, and ask your tribe leaders to handle other tribe issues.

  • Sentinel FAQ
    Sentinels are forum moderators.
    Their duties include locking rule breaking threads, muting users for rule breaking posts and keeping general order on the forums.
    Sentinels are here to help, so do not hesitate to contact one if you have any queries.

    Who are the current EN Sentinels?

    Sentinel Director
    • Daichi

    EN Sentinels
    • Boas
    • Chemicals
    • Jared

    Frequently asked questions
    How can I contact a Sentinel?
    You can contact any of the Sentinels by sending them a private message.
    You can send a private message by going to your Inbox and adding their name to the box labeled "Recipients" when creating a new conversation.
    If you happen to catch one in game, feel free to whisper them or you could always contact them on Discord.

    I've seen a rule-breaking thread/post, what do I do?
    If you see something which you believe breaks the rules, please report it.
    The recommended method of reporting is using the forum's report function.
    Find the user/post/thread in question and look to the bottom of their message and select 'Report'.
    If something needs to be dealt with urgently, you can also report by messaging a Sentinel.
    Alternatively, you can join the Force Social Discord channel and report things there.

    What to report for:
    • Spam/off topic posts
    • Double posting
    • Duplicate threads
    • Flaming
    • Excessive vulgar language
    • Posts in the wrong language (i.e. not English)
    • Inappropriate images/videos/gifs
    • Inappropriate avatars
    • Inappropriate profiles (including tribe profiles)
    • Linking to hack sites
    • Ban evasion
    • Spammed likes
    • Anyone asking for likes
    • Posts which break any of the forum rules

    This list is not exhaustive. If in doubt, please report it.

    I have a complaint, where should I send it?
    If you would like to make a formal complaint, please contact any Sentinel by private message.
    If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint, contact the Sentinel director or Chlomaki.

    How can I join the EN Sentinel Team?
    As of right now, the EN Sentinel Team isn’t currently accepting applications.

    I have a question about Sentinels that isn't listed here.
    If you have a question related to Sentinels, you can post it in this thread or contact a Sentinel about your concerns.

    I have a question about the game/forum, where can I ask it?
    Please ask all questions relating to the forums and the game in the Questions & Answers thread.

  • EN FunCorp Team

    Who is currently on the EN FunCorp Team?

    FunCorp Director
    • Kalani

    EN Funcorps
    • Boas
    • Duncity
    • Mintally
    • Sashey

    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is the FunCorp Team?
    The FunCorp Team is a group of individuals who create rooms in order to entertain the players with different commands and festivities.
    They often randomly host FunCorp events in different rooms in which all players are invited to join and have some fun with each other.
    Some commands they're able to do include and are not limited to:
    • Changing the size of mice
    • Changing name colors
    • Changing players users (Does not last if you change rooms)
    • Activating the transformation power
    • Turning mice into vampires
    • Killing random mice
    • Playing music

    Where can I find and join a FunCorp room?
    FunCorp rooms can be found on the Room List.
    They will be highlighted in orange and will be at the top under all modes.
    Click on the room name and you've entered the room!

    How can I become a part of the FunCorp Team?
    As of right now, the EN Funcorp Team isn’t currently accepting applications.

  • EN Map Crew
    The Map Crew Team is a dedicated group of players whose purpose is to control the overall quality of maps, and most importantly to give feedback to the map-making community. You can use this thread to read more about the team, discuss them, and ask questions directly to team members.

    Members of the Map Crew have the ability to protect maps from deletion, delete bad maps, and make maps permanent (perming) so that they show up in the game more frequently. You can distinguish a member of the team from a regular user as they have a blue name both in-game and on the forums.

    Who are the current EN Map Crews?

    EN Mapcrew Director
    • Adorable (P1, P3, P6, P7)

    EN Mapcrews
    • +Xqr (P1, P3, P5, P6, P7, P8, P10)
    • Nyilom (P1, P4, P5, P6, P7)

    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is Map Crew?
    The Map Crew is a staff team that maintains the quality and consistency of maps ingame, and offers feedback and reviews of maps to members of the map-making community. The Map Crew's responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
    • Periodically reviewing all maps posted in the Map Submissions subforum.
    • Putting good enough maps they want to perm up for discussion with the rest of the team.
    • Discussing maps that might be good enough with the rest of the team.
    • Perming maps that the team agrees on.
    • Offering feedback to users ingame and on the forums.
    How can I get my maps permed?
    You can ask a member of the Map Crew that handles the type of map you would like to be permed, but the preferred method is submitting your map to the appropriate review thread, as linked below.
    Dual Shaman
    Vampire Survivor

    How can I join the team?
    Information can be found here with certain requirements and how the process works.

    A Map Crew member isn't responding to me, why?
    Each Map Crew member gets hundreds of whispers asking for maps to be reviewed each day. On top of responding to PMs, handling the Map Submission threads, and all of the other duties listed above, this can get overwhelming at times. If you still want a map permed, you can use the methods listed in the previous question.

    What can I do if a Map Crew member is behaving improperly?
    If you have a problem with any member of the team, you should contact Cryaotic on Discord.
    Make sure to include screenshots, logs of conversations, and other evidence you may have.

    What should I report maps for?
    Maps that meet at least one of these criteria are eligible for removal from rotation.
    This list is not exhaustive and the ultimate decision is up to the Map Crew.

    • Off-screen cheese/hole/spawn/gameplay
    • Hidden hole/cheese/floor
    • Crash maps
    • Instant-cheese and instant-kill maps
    • Unsafe spawns that inevitably kill afk mice
    • Copy maps
    • Maps that (randomly) kill a considerable number of mice regardless of their skill
    • Fake/troll grounds that affect gameplay in a negative manner (i. e. potentially kill many/all mice)
    • Maps that are impossible to finish
    • Maps with offensive, racist or derogatory content

  • EN Management Team
    • Berk
    • Lostwithdark

    • +Xqr (Moderator)
    • Adorable (Mapcrew)
    • Daichi (Sentinel)
    Kalani (Funcorp)

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