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Survive 1 rounds : Haa, I’m a muffin
Survive 25 rounds : Rookie Shaman
Survive 100 rounds : Immortal Shaman

Try to survive in /room shaman Everybody is shaman in this room :mf-6:


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Forum Conversation Essentials Update

This innovation adds new features to your member conversations and vital functions you are looking for. This innovation has made several changes to messages in the Inbox.

Feature List:
  • Easily see conversation participants. Conversation participants are visible in the conversation list where the participants may be displayed as either usernames or avatars, and can easily be switched via a toggle. An overlay with all the participants is also available.
  • Easily see who has left a conversation permanently. Participants who have left a conversation permanently (ie will never receive further responses), are now displayed with a strikethrough their username and an X at the top right corner of their avatar. This is invaluable information as before you did not know whether a participant will ever see/read your message. If all participants have left a particular conversation, the reply box will now be hidden to prevent sending out a message that no one will ever see/read.
  • Multiple conversations manipulation. All conversations now have a checkbox beside their title, allowing for the selection of multiple conversations to be processed inline all at once. Actions that may be performed inline are:
    • Stick / unstick
    • Lock / unlock
    • Auto Responder
    • Last Read Date
  • Labels/Folders. This option provides certain usergroups the ability to create their own labels and assign them to their conversations for easy referencing. Conversations are searchable by prefix. Functions like mail-like folders.
  • Trash bin & rejoin deleted conversations. Allows users to rejoin a conversation they have left before it is permanently deleted when all users leave.
  • Participant groups. This option provides certain usergroups with the ability to create Participant Groups. These groups of multiple recipient names are then available via a dropdown menu when starting a new conversation. This is a great time saver when you often need to start a conversation with the same group of people such as your forum staff.
  • Inbox size limit. This option allows you to set a limit to the size of the inbox for certain usergroups. A visual percentage bar and text is displayed on the conversation list page, giving your members a clear indication of exactly how much space they have left in their inbox. Once the limit is reached, the user is prevented from starting or receiving new conversations. Should a member be blocked from receiving a conversation, they will get an alert indicating that person X has tried to contact them but could not get through due to their inbox being full.
  • Auto Respond to conversation starter. With this option, your members are able to set an auto response message to new conversations they receive while on vacation. Each member can set a start date, an end date, and the message that will be automatically posted for them whenever they receive a new conversation/reply. There is also the ability to exclude people you follow from receiving this response.
  • Sticky a conversation. Conversations can now be set as Stickies. A Sticky ensures the conversation will always remain at the top of the list.
  • Locked conversations display a 'locked' icon as well provide the appropriate status text when viewing the conversation.
  • Last Read Date (Confirmation / Indication). Option to show conversation participant's Last Read Date with a link to the last message they have read. This date and link can be found underneath each of the participant's user name and title in the participants block of each conversation. There is also an option to allow each member to opt out of this feature via their Account/Privacy page, in which case their last read date will display as 'N/A'.


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New command /bf nickname it'll add user to best friend list so you can see user at top of friend list.
Using command again will revert it.


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+Showkron has stepped down from their position as BR Community Manager.
Hello magic world of mice!

Well, as you all know, I’m +Showkron, currently CCM from the BR community, or former CCM, as you please! It’s such a joy to come through this thread to express all my gratitude for this great family that has welcomed me with such love for so long, which for a while endured my annoyance and of course you cannot deny the love I gave you (not always because I didn’t always have time to return all the affection received).

Some will know me for just managing my community, or maybe for providing all those fantastic outfit contests we’ve had, it was all an amazing experience, to be honest. And I’m just here today to say goodbye to you all! I want to thank immensely all those who trusted me and my work, who was able to realize the dream of a person who longed to be part of this great community. I’ve been on this team for 1 year and 8 months, and I can say that I had never ventured so far, it’s like embarking on an adventure without knowing how long you’ll endure, and today is, unfortunately, my limit. Thanks to everyone on the team for welcoming me so well, we had a lot of unforgettable moments, some hair pulling but all stable and not bad HAHAHA love u'all!! You were a second family in my life during that time.


We grow, we take on new responsibilities, we move and see the world in another way away from the virtual world of games, and I am currently venturing into some of the most important things in my life! I decided to abandon the big ship of MiceForce and jump to who knows, a submarine, perhaps?! I am determined to know new things, test new things and know new horizons beyond this world. But don’t worry, skilled people are in charge of making MiceForce a more fun place than it currently is.

I hope to see you soon, from now on I am one of the stars above who’s always watching you very closely. As I always say, there’s no limit to anything, just believe in yourself and trust in your ability!

Here’s my pitiful goodbye and also my huge hugs and kisses to all of you, #StayStrong <3!
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