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There is a summary of the announcements made so far:

- Nylan stepped down from her role as BR Community Manager
- Kaanade is the new ES Community Manager
- Zivaa is the new RO Community Manager
- Vuski is the new BR Community Manager
- Soulzone is the new TR Community Manager
- Sandberg is the new RU Community Manager

- The Bee Event is now playable in our server!
Click here to see it

We deeply apologise for the troubles and hope you enjoy the forums again!​


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  • Now you can report hacked records via Daba bot!
    Come to our official MiceForce discord server, and use d!report command.

    An example: d!report 114541

  • Artık hileyle kırılmış rekorları Daba botuyla raporlayabilirsiniz!
    Resmi discord sunucumuza gelin ve d!report komutunu kullanın.

    Örnek: d!report 114541

  • Agora você pode reportar records hack pelo bot Daba!
    Venha para o nosso servidor oficial do MiceForce no Discord e use o comando d!report

    Um exemplo: d!report 114541
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We have released our own Dressroom app, which lets you customise your mouse to your heart’s content:
• All items from the game (including MiceForce furs) to use and customise, without having to own these items in the game,
• Mouse scaling / zooming,
• User-friendly UI, translated to all languages
• Mouse dragging,
• Mouse look downloading with PNG format.

Start customising now! Enter:
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