Shaman's That Annoy Me


Little Mouse
Shaman feud ------------------

Shaman's that kill the other shaman and then we get nothing done... nothing

And then there's these other shamans who don't believe in helping ppl

or belive that they are in survival when they're in vanilla.... :l

Get ur game right


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The shaman that favorites. Kills us all and lets his or her friend or sm be first EVERY. SINGLE. ROUND.
The shamans who just cant make peace and instead of getting saves, focus only on killing each other.
Im actually ok with the shaman just sitting there, but it really would depend on what map. (like if the map was hard and needed shaman assistance, i would not like the sham doing that.)


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Shamans that kill everybody in order to favo one person or that kill everybody entirely
Shamans in survivor that target one person then let everyone else live (usually I'm the player that dies -.-....)
Shamans that don't kill the last few players and let the time keep going until it ends entirely, wasting everybody's time
Shamans who completely mess up everything
Shamans that lets one person go in first and kills everyone else
Shamans that brawl it out with other shams, either killing that sham or everyone around them.
Shams that think Vanilla is Survivor and kills everyone.
Shams who doesn't listen to other player's suggestions. (For example, if a player says "Try using the balloons" if they don't have springs but instead, kills everyone")
Shams who say "pro it" when it's a map that can't be done without a shaman's assistance
Finally, Shams in survivor who saves one person and kills everyone else.


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Also, ive seen this a couple of times:
shams make crazy builds that glitch all over the screen purposely (like anvil spam, the ball spam, those "catapulting planks", etc.) It kills everyone and the sham just ditches the revive and hops in the mousehole.
Also the shams that think vanilla is SURVIVOR.


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When there's a double shaman map (blue and pink shams)
And one sham covers the other sham's hole so they get all the saves
I agree with what majority of people said above.
1. Favorites in survivor, survivor was made to kill all mice, not to save your best friend, what's fair for one is fair for ALL.
2. Shamans that battle in vanilla and/or the other servers, two shamans, sure, they're supposed to "compete" for more saves, but at least make it fair or try to work together.
3. Shamans in servers/vanilla killing all the mice.
4. Shamans who let a certain person go in the mouse hole but kills everyone else.
5. Shamans that only help one person and ignores the others.
6. AFK shamans, if you're going to go AFK at least let others know or leave the room, it takes up a lot of time.
7. Shamans that say "just pro it."
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