September MMC Winners!



Hey there dear map makers! We deeply apologise for the late response to announce the results, it was mainly due personal problems.

But enough with the excuses and the sad things, we are here to congratulate the map makers that excelled in each of the categories we chose for September's event. If you don't remember what were those don't worry I will tell you before saying the names of the winners!

The categories were Vanilla, Transformation (P14) and Art (P5). In every single one of those we evaluated both gameplay and design (The main characteristics of a good map). There were good maps as well as not as good ones but nonetheless we thank everybody for your participation and we hope to see you in the November's MMC as well!

Without further introductions let's meet our winners!

1st - @522353 - +xifu @Brea_king
2nd - @520702 - Rosenmontag @Rosenmontag
3rd - @520657 - Neshim @Nereyz

1st - @515291 - Adzwee @Mouseori
2nd - @520507 - +xifu @Brea_king
3rd - @520629 - Seidou @Seidou

1st - @517344 - Adzwee @Mouseori
2nd - @520064 - Seidou @Seidou
3rd - @519830 - Rosenmontag @Rosenmontag


The chosen maps will be permed soon and we encourage our winners to contact K @Kaanade to receive your reward as soon as possible!
We want to thank again all the map makers that participated in this event and for those that didn't win just keep improving so you can see your name in the podium!

See you all soon and be ready for November's MMC! <3​


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(^o^)/ I loved all the maps and I want to congratulate everyone who participated and especially to the winners <3


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Map Crew
can someone teach me how to make good maps like
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