[RESULTS] January's MMC 2021


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Hey everyone! The long-awaited result for January's Map Making Contest is finally here!
We have received several amazing submissions this year. A huge thank you to everyone who
has participated and helped to spread the word about this contest throughout the community!
Without further ado, let's look at our winners~

1st place: Djney @Djney - @596110
2nd place: Chaotic_bon @Chaotic_bon - @595632
3rd place: Ceagz @Ceagz - @595438

RESULTS (1).png
1st place: Nyah+ @Nyah+ - @595579
2nd place: Ceagz @Ceagz - @593556
3rd place: Haeda @Haeda - @559890

Untitled (2).png
1st place: Haeda @Haeda - @595611
2nd place: +speed @+speed - @595688
3rd place: Ceagz @Ceagz - @593526

Thank you for all the beautiful maps! Everyone did a great job!

The badges will be added to your profile manually.
To receive your other prizes, please contact Meda @Meda in-game or on discord.

Congratulations once again and to those who did not win this time,
fret not and stay tuned as we have more exciting contests for everyone!
Can't wait to see you all in our future MMCs!​


Little Mouse
Congrats everyone!
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