[Results] 5th Outfits Contest - Old Fashion Trend!

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Hello everyone!

Once again another contest was successfully completed, we'd like to thank all the participants of this great contest we had, it was really amazing and we got a lot of perfectly perfect outfits and we're really happy with the results that the contest got, it really was one of the biggest of all. Everyone is really congratulated, we can see that we have great old fashion designers among us.

Well, if it were possible for us to choose all I'm sure our judges would choose all because it was really hard to pick three out of several.

Without further ado, follow below the winners of the Old Fashion Trend Contest!

Congratulations to the winners and again, thanks to those who participated and showed talent to compete! If you didn't win this time, don't be sad, we'll have several other contests and maybe you could be the next winner. As I always say, creativity goes beyond anything, just believe in yourself and your ability to win!
~ Hugs from uncle-Show, see you in the next contests. ;)


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Loved seeing all the entries, can't thank everyone enough for participating! Congratulations to the winners also ❤


Congrats! All your outfits are fabulous 🥂


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Good job to all of the winners! I can clearly see the old aesthetic! You did a wonderful job, and I can wait to compete against you guys in the next contest! Big boy kudos!


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Congratulations to everyone :3
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